Monday, 29 April 2013

Full Fringe!

So the other day I decided to take a HUGE risk....getting my side fringe cut into a full fringe, I was soooo inspired by Kim and Kourtney Kardashian getting their bangs that I decided to do the same, except I couldn't get bangs because my original fringe was too short!! I'm still in two minds about whether it was a mistake or not... on the bright side though... hair grows back!

Girly Pink Nails

So I recently bought Topshop "peel off nail varnish" in Navy blue, but I fancied a change from dark colours so when I was shopping at the weekend I decided to take advantage of the extensive amounts of nail varnishes on Topshop's make up counter. Although I saw some pale pink colours which were nice I decided I would go for another "peel off" nail varnish, in "What's up" shade, as you can imagine it looks bright and bold but it's the exact colour I was looking for, added with some pink sparkly glitter nail polish (Also Topshop), shade "Adrenalin" I got the girliest pink nails ever, perfect.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Summer clothes!

Summer = new wardrobe. The worst thing ever is when the weather suddenly gets warm (for once) but then you find you have 0 things to wear as everything you have is either a jumper, or a jumper. So I've found some colourful clothes and accessories which are perfect for summery weather! Now all I need is money, oops...

Topshop- Blue strappy cami £18.00 
River Island- Pink cami top £10.00

Topshop- Cotton Circle shell top £28.00
Topshop- Mini twistlock holdall £28.00
River Island- Yellow floral print peplum top £15.00

Vivienne Westwood- Pink peep toe pumps
Office- Converse All Star pink canvas

Friday, 12 April 2013

Peel off nail varnish...

At first I hadn't heard of "Peel off nail varnish", but when I found some in Topshop I thought I would try it! Personally I like it, it comes in 4 colours, a pink, navy, grey and blue, I bought the navy and it looks gorgeous, plus it saves time and money on nail varnish remover as you can literally just peel it off! However at £6 it is pricey, as is other Topshop nail varnishes, also if you don't apply 2 coats it chips VERY easily, and with it being "peel off".. the whole nail comes off. The colour is also very watery (especially on false nails) so make sure you layer it on! Altogether I would give it 6/10.