Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm Loving...

1. Art Deco Work Out T Shirt- £35- Illustrated People at Topshop
2. Black uccle heeled cut out boots- £39.99- ARK
3. Michael Kors Selma Studded Saffiano clutch- $108- Michael Kors
4. Metal ring plate waist belt- £15- ASOS
5. Multi gem embellished box clutch bag- £35- River Island
6. Two- tone stone work necklace- £25.99- Stradavarius
7. Sparkle lip shine (heartbreaker)-  £10- Victoria's Secret
8. Revlon by Marchesa 3D jewel appliques (Gilded Mosaic)- £8.99 per set- Boots
9. Revlon by Marchesa 3D jewel appliques (Evening Garnet)- £8.99 per set- Boots

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn/ Winter 13 Trend

So, its kinda technically Autumn now :(... why does summer have to go so fast?! Anyways, I recently read that there was a new trend when it comes to clothes this autumn and winter, and it is all about experimenting with texture clashes. Whether its wool, fur, leather or actual applique texture, experimenting with them all can make a really great outfit. At first I didn't really get what "texture clash" meant, but when I was shopping the other day I noticed that Warehouse especially are experimenting with texture clashes this season, some of which can be seen in their range of winter coats. Not only will they keep you super warm, but they look great and every style and material is unique, although they are a little pricey, winter coats can be worn over and over again and year by year, so invest now! You can find some of my favourite styles below, and can shop online at Warehouse here.
1. Five way biker coat- £140
2. Herringbone coat- £95
3. Borg colour biker coat- £100
4. Quilted faux fur collar jacket £65
5. Bonded faux fur jacket- £80
6. Faux fur collar coat- £95

Friday, 20 September 2013


Nope I 'm not lying, seriously, there is a website offering a range of dresses for just £1 each! I know right, awesome. The website itself is called ikrush and is currently celebrating it's first birthday, and to celebrate, they are offering a range of 10 different styles of dresses at a tiny price of just £1! From peplum to tie die, chiffon to floral, they have something suitable for anyone for any occasion! I highly suggest you check this website out as these dresses are something you would expect from Primark perhaps, for just £1, and not only that, but they are also offering 20% off on your first order, which comes in handy if you wish to look at their other fabulous ranges of clothes, as if they weren't giving us enough! Hurry though, these dresses will probably sell veryyyy fast, but don't worry if you don't make it in time, because all of the dresses will be back in stock by Sunday 2pm. I have included all of the styles below, and although not much can probably be said for the quality compared to your average high street buy, you can't go wrong with snapping one of these dresses up, you can never have too many dresses! :)

Monday, 16 September 2013


Yes being at uni is awesome, and especially being in Leeds the nightlife is amazing!!!! But the only issue is finding enough outfits to wear every night! Anyways, I thought I would show you an outfit from what I wore at the weekend. As it is freeeeeezing cold right now, you can't go wrong with disco pants, like seriously you can wear them with anything and they keep your legs super warm, definitely a party essential. So although these disco pants have a gorgeous shimmer to the material, to keep my outfit party ready, I have teamed them with one of my cami's, this one is probably my favourite, the fuchsia pink colour is gorgeous and adds a pop of colour to your outfit, love it! And to finish my look I added some cork wedge sandals for comfort, a statement necklace and another injection of colour to my lips, the lipstick I am wearing is Revlon "Just bitten kissable" balm stain in shade "020 Lovesick Passionee" which is a perfect match to the top I was wearing, the best thing is the colour stays on your lips all night without having to re apply! :)
V neck strappy cami (Fuchsia) - £18- Topshop
Disco Pants- £30- Topshop Petite
Gold Arrow Point Necklace- £12.50- Topshop
Revlon "Just Bitten Kissable" (020 Lovesick Passionee)- £7.99- Boots

Saturday, 14 September 2013


I went out yesterday to buy some soup & a stamp, and I came back with a handbag and a ring... true story. Seriously, that's a weeks money gone already, oops! If there is one thing I love, its accessorizing, no outfit is complete without a perfect pair of shoes, a bag and jewellery, and honestly I am obsessed. Anyway, I have had my eye on this handbag for a while now but at £42, I was not prepared to pay that much, however yesterday was my lucky day as while out in town Warehouse were giving away tickets which carried four different codes, of which would offer you either 15% off, 25% off or a £50 voucher etc. on that day... and I happened to get a 25% off coupon, meaning I saved over £10 on this bag! I absolutely love the colour of this bag and the contrast of the two textures the bag is made of, a fake leather material and suede, it also comes in black and burgundy. Wallis were also holding a sale, offering 50% off certain items on that day, one of which was the ring I purchased. This ring is so beautiful and is a perfect accessory for day and night, the only problem is that like with most fashion jewellery, they can go green as the gold/silver colour can wear off, if you want to avoid this, simply give your jewellery a quick coat of clear nail varnish to ensure it is long lasting and beautiful :)

Two tone bag- £42- Warehouse
Ring- £7.50- Wallis

Friday, 13 September 2013


So since moving to Leeds I have to say I couldn't resist temptation from the shops! Anyway, I thought I would share with you the few bits and bobs I bought, firstly, I have my new body shop perfume! Although I absolutely love The Body Shop, I don't normally go for fruity perfumes, however when a lady in the shop gave me a free tester I absolutely loved it. I also paid a visit to Primark and got these gorgeous ballerina pumps which I thought were perfect for day and evening wear, the bow and embellishment is so cute! Thirdly are my new disco pants, at first I had literally borrowed my flat mates disco pants for 3 days and eventually decided I should maybe just buy some, so when I went to Topshop I wasn't too sure whether to buy them or not as they were £30! However, my luck was in and when I got to the till I was told they were now only £10, couldn't believe it! Seriously, if you don't have disco pants BUY SOME NOW, they are amazing when your out on a cold night as they are great at keeping you warm! Finally, it's my new jumper, I do have one similar, however, because the weather has suddenly got absolutely freezing, I decided I needed another. The colour is so cute and the material is super soft, love it!
Strawberry Eau De Toilette 30ml- £8.50- The Body Shop
Embellished Ballerina Pumps- £6- Primark
Disco Pants- £30 NOW £10- Topshop Petite
Pink V- neck jumper- £7- Primark

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Monsoon- Oriental Lip Balm

Recently I bought this lip balm on a shopping spree, and honestly I have fallen in love with it! I'm a big fan of lip balms, as they add a gorgeous bit of colour and gloss to your lips without daring to wear a lipstick, ensuring your makeup appears more subtle for just a daytime look. This one in particular will cost you a mere £3, which is fabulous for a lip balm! These lip balms by Monsoon, come in four different shades, and I chose 'Oriental'. The colour is a coral/pink shade and is super glossy, and what is even better is the smell is divine! Seriously I suggest you give this one a go, as its small and the packaging is beautiful, a perfect addition to your makeup bag! :)


Yes, this is not one of my usual posts and its totally not fashion related but I love to give my followers insight into my life and what things I get up to! So, Saturday was move in day to uni! I'm at Leeds Metropolitan University, studying Marketing & Advertising Management, unfortunately my course doesn't actually start till next week, however that means 2 whole weeks of freshers! (hence my lack of blogging). But yeah, Leeds is such an amazing place, the night life is awesome and the shopping is fabulous, seriously, I am going to be broke. Not only does Leeds have supersize versions of your average Topshop/ River Island/ New Look, but the temptation of Victoria's Secret and Louis Vuitton is simply unbearable... so yes, expect a few posts of my recent spending sprees! Anyway, I thought I would share with you a few pictures of my new home and will upload some more posts soon! :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Maybelline New York: COLOR SHOW

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of blogging this week, I have been super busy getting sorted for uni.... I moved in yesterday so I pinky promise to keep up my blog from now on! So anyways, I just thought I would share with you some amazzzzing new nail varnish I tried this week. My friend bought these two nail polishes for my birthday but I never really got round to trying them out, they are both from the "Color Show" range by Maybelline New York and they are great! They come in loads of vibrant colours, and I happened to be given two different shades of pink in 'Pink Bikini' & the one which I am wearing in these pictures 'Bubblicious'. Not only is the colour gorgeoussss, but I have had this nail varnish on my nails for over a week now and unlike some nail varnishes which can 'fade' over time on your nails, this one has kept its vibrant colour! These nail varnishes cost just £2.99, cheap and cheerful! :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hot Right Now

Firstly, I am absolutely obsessed with the Kardashian sisters, like seriously I am a hugeeee fan! So anyway I am always on the look out for the latest on what they are wearing and what they are into, which is when I found this amazzzzing accessory! Kourtney Kardashian has been busy this weekend in Las Vegas, first and for most she was promoting "Kardashian Khaos" where she was seen wearing a gold ornate print dress which was studded with multi coloured rhinestones and gems, she also wore Valentino studded heels. Then she was seen wearing a black lace trimmed jumpsuit with plunging neckline on a night out in Vegas with her friends, but what caught my eye was what she accessorized both outfits with.... her Charlotte Olympia Pandora plexiglass clutch. These Perspex clutches are everywhere right now and I need one! Kourtney's clutch can be worn with multiple different outfits as demonstrated by Kourtney, and what is even better is that bag with gold flower clasp comes with three different insert purses in leopard print, black &gold, giving you three clutches for the price of one! But if you can't afford the price tag, there are plenty of alternatives available at  Harrods, ASOS & Missguided. :)

Valentino garavani rock stud sling back in hot prink- £610
Charlotte Olmpia Pandora plexiglass clutch- WAS £395 NOW £158- Net- A- Porter

*Images from Google & Dailymail

Want Want Want!

Every girl loves pretty and expensive things right? I have an addiction. I cannot help browsing websites and looking through magazines to see what celebrities are wearing and what bits and pieces catch my eye... unfortunately they are never cheap & I have 0 pennies so I end up stalking ebay for weeks looking for cheap alternatives! :( .I would say this is a weekly want post but if I'm honest I have wanted these items for so long! Hehe, So anyway, I thought I would do a quick post to share with you what is on my current wish list, what kinds of things are you wanting right now? Feel free to drop me a comment below! :)
(Left to right)
Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chrongraph Watch- £229- ASOS
Mac "crème cup" lipstick- £15- MAC Cosmetics
Bayswater Double Zip Tote (deer brown silky classic)- £1,500- Mulberry
Leather gold letter belt- £209- Moschino
Titiana Patent Matinee purse- £75- Ted Baker