Saturday, 31 January 2015

OSMO Hair Products

*For many years I have had the terrible habit of straightening my hair nearly every day, unfortunately I have such thick and frizzy unruly hair! So when I was offered hair products by OSMO, from their salon professional range I was very excited to try their products designed for taming the hair and leaving it silky soft and frizz free. 

From my experience so far, I have found all of the products work really well, apart from the straighten up 3 spray, as although it smells lovely, I don't think it does leave your hair straight for 3 days, unlike other hair products I have bought on the high street. However, if you are looking to improve the smoothness and silkiness of you hair and tame the frizz In this cold weather, I definitely reccomend you give these products a go! One thing I would say about these products is that they smell divine, they are such high quality and do exactly what they are supposed too. Also I would say that although with some hair products I find can be a bit slimy or claggy, leaving your hair feeling caked with product and greasy, these products are super light and easy to apply.

Make sure you check out the OSMO website at to find which products will be most suitable for your hair type, they have so many you're bound to find something perfect for you! Here is a list of the products I received:

Works by protecting the hair from heated hair stylers, limiting the damage done to your hair and prevents dryness and split ends which leads to frizz!

Perfect for taming straight or curly hair, this oil is really light on the hair, simply apply a few squirts to the  mid length and ends of the hair. Although it's a little pricey compared to high street alternatives this works so well and really does keep your hair frizz free throughout the day, no matter what weather.

Cheap and cheerful, the deep repair mask is designed to repair damaged hair, which mines definitely is unfortunately, although I can't see any immediate effect right now hopefully I will see a change in the next couple of weeks, simply apply after washing your hair and rinse!

This was my favourite of the products as it smells lovely and your hair feels super soft, use after washing combined with the hair serum, and then it is activated by heat from your dryer and styler. The only thing I would say is that it doesn't do what it says it will, my hair definitely didn't stay straight for 3 days.

If you would like to try these products you can find them at or Do you use similar products? Have you tried Osmo before? Leave me a comment below!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dressing for your interview

ASOS blouse with scallop collar, WAS £22 NOW £15
Flippy hem mini skirt, £25, Topshop
Scallop hem jacket, £25, Missguided
ASOS petite blouse with embellished collar, WAS £30 NOW £21
ASOS A-Line mini skirt with scallop hem, £20
Jack Wills classic shirt, WAS £44.50 NOW £26.50, ASOS
ASOS petite cropped blazer in ponte, WAS £35 NOW £24
Black quilted zip pocket A-Line mini skirt, £14.99, New Look

In the past I have always meant to do a post based on interview fashion, and seen as I have one next Wednesday and have been totally panicking over what to wear I thought I would do a post with some ideas of what you could maybe wear, I hope it helps a little bit! 

So when you're heading off for an interview, the safest choice is a suit. To me, i don't even know where to start with finding one, and it just sounds so dull and boring! So personally, I'd like to reflect my personal style through my outfit, surely it's better to be seen as a little bit different and self expressive than just dressing like everyone else?! That's why I think it's good to to mix and match your outfit and make your own Suit!

The dress code for my interview is 'smart casual', what does that even mean?! Literally my most hated type of style ever, it is open to so much interpretation and is so confusing! Anyway I have decided to wear the scallop collar sleeveless shirt, flippy hem mini skirt and the scallop hem jacket, PLEASE someone tell me if this outfit is okay?!

I'm not saying dress ridiculously for your interview, but I am saying mix it up a little bit, be memorable, so for example, perhaps go for a different collar, like a pleat, scallop or Peter Pan, or why not try wearing a pink shirt rather than white, perhaps experiment with different textures, how about a quilted or leather skirt rather than coring polyester, make sure you stand out of the crowd and they remember you!

I would love to know any suggestions you have for dressing for an interview, what is your go to outfit? Leave me a comment below! :) 

My week in pictures

Okay, technically this wasn't my week in pictures, but for those of you who keep up with my recent posts will know I stayed with my boyfriend for 2 weeks and just got back on Sunday. Although by the end of it we both wanted to kill each other we had a fab time, and to be honest it was just nice being able to actually spend our 4 year anniversary together this year.

So, what did I get up too?! Basically he is on work placement in Guildford at the moment so he's at work all day, which for me meant a whole day of blogging and watching gossip girl, getting ready at 4pm and then meeting him for date night every night! We went to the cinema quite a few times and saw Annie, Into the woods and The Hobbit (kyles choice not mine) but I reccomend them all! We also became total risk takers and bought tickets for an 'unseen screen' film, which turned out to be Selma, a film based on Martin Luther king, (we went for cocktails just before, I rocked up smashed and this film definitely dampened my mood!).

Unfortunately 2 nights he also had to go away with work, the first night I experienced my most embarrassing moment and managed to chuck myself down the steps outside tesco express... Onto the pavement next to a busy main road... Feel sorry for me, I really shouldn't be allowed out (hence the bruise pic).

Upon my arrival, Kyle met me at the train station with a bunch of pink roses, total cutie. As I said it was our 4 year anniversary and despite big ideas of going on the London eye or something we just had a chilled day shopping, going to the cinema and Frankie and Bennys, perfect! I also got treated to my new Kurt Geiger shoesies, love them!

Whilst I amused myself most of the time, I obviously hit the shops, and despite never ever bothering to buy beauty products, I decided to try out some newbies! I bought a selection of cleansers and toners, primer, hair products, Micellar Water, MAC Dazzleglass and Benefit makeup, I am truly proud of myself! Although despite being offered one of the new Real Techniques bold metals makeup brushes from Kyle, I turned him down, I couldn't accept someone spending that much on something so little on me, what on earth was I thinking?!

I also developed an unhealthy addiction to LUSH products, buying a couple if bath bombs to try for the first time, leading to many bath times with a bottle of wine and snacks!

I would love to know what you've all been up to, leave me a comment below! :) 

Monday, 26 January 2015

LUSH| Space Girl


Recently I have really been enjoying trying out new cosmetics and beauty products, I have especially been excited to try out LUSH bath bombs. Last week I shared with you my review of 'Twilight' which I have got to be honest, I did prefer over the 'space girl' bath bomb. I was very excited to try this bath bomb as it looks so pretty! In the shape of a space ship, it is one of the smaller bath bombs which LUSH sells, meaning it was less expensive than 'Twilight' at just £2.35. The bath bomb itself is a lilac colour with beautiful red glitter on top, so I was very excited to see what it was going to look like in the water!

There was no need to cut this one up into pieces, as because it is a little bit smaller, to get the full effect I think using the whole product at once was more appropriate. The bath bomb fizzed and crackled like popping candy when released into the water, and the bath filled with red and purple tones, however I must admit I was a little dissapointed as the water just stays purple, whereas the 'twilight' bath bomb stays multi coloured and shimmery.

I must say though, the scent is divine! I am unsure as to what the actual scent is, but it is very fruity and reminds me of Palma violets, love it! My skin smelt absolutely gorgeous afterwards and was left feeling silky and soft, love it!

Overall, I loved this product, it looks fab and smells lovely but I would say if you want your bath to be full of colours and sparkles you might want to give this one a miss! This was probably just down to the fact it was a smaller size than the 'Twilight' bath bomb, but if you're looking fir a gorgeous product to help you relax, definitely give this one a try! 

I absolutely can't wait to try out some more LUSH products, the Valentines collection is definitely at the top of my wish list right now! 

Have you tried the 'space girl' bath bomb before? Do you love LUSH products? Leave me a comment below! :)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Kurt Geiger


If I'm honest, I'm not the biggest shoe hoarder ever, even my boyfriend has more pairs than I do! Although I am a massive fan of shoes I just never see the point in buying more pairs as I tend to just wear the same ones, instead I buy clothes, however when it comes to the Kurt Geiger sale I just cannot resist having a peek! I always find that they have massive reductions in their sale and sell their shoes for ridiculous prices, these ones in particular we're reduced by £101!!!! I bought some shoes similar to this in the sale last year and I absolutely love them, I would never dream of buying Kurt Gieger shoes for the full price, but since they have a sale on at the moment I highly suggest you have a  

I first came across these 'HEIDI' heels when another blogger shared them on Twitter, I fell in love instantly! So after many hints to le boyf, he decided to buy them for our 4 year anniversary present! I am so lucky, these shoes are amazing!! However I must say that they are ridiculously high and I'm currently walking around his house trying to get used to them. I do love this style of shoe though, I am a sucker for heels, being only 5''3 I tend to wear heels during the day as well, but these are perfect for a night out. Well, actually I wouldn't reccomend it unless your planning on breaking a leg, so personally I would perhaps wear these for another special occasion where you can sit down a lot! 

The design is amazing, they are quite unique and probably won't be to everyone's taste, but I love the star detailing, they are different from what I have ever seen before, but seen as I tend to wear black shoes and I'm a sucker for sparkles, these were perfect for me! The inner sole is also metallic gold which looks so classy and expensive and the ankle strap adds support to your feet. Althought I can't comment upon how much they hurt your feet as I haven't worn them out yet, I can definitely say they would probably cause some discomfort! No pain, no gain though, right?

What do you think of my new shoes? Did you get anything in the Kurt Gieger sale? Leave me a comment below! :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

KIKO| Real Glare nail lacquer

KIKO MILANO REAL GLARE NAIL LACQUER 06 'Exciting dark brown' £4.90

I had never even heard of KIKO cosmetics until a couple of months ago, I spotted a store in London and I instantly wanted to go in, the store is just filled with beautifully laid out cosmetics, they have literally everything! Anyway, my boyfriend moved to Guildford around 6 months ago and while I was visiting the other day we spotted a KIKO store, I'm kind of assuming these stores are mostly located in the south? Anyway, they had a sale on so of course I went for a little browse.

I have long been wishing to try a black polish but never felt brave enought, but since I'm wearing quite a lot of monochrome outfits at the moment I decided to try it. This one in particular is shade 06 Exciting dark brown, however I honestly thought it was black, it really doesn't look brown at all. I love this nail polish as it has a little shimmer within it, however I couldn't resist adding my own added extra sparkle to it by adding a touch of Models Own 'Blizzard' polish on top.

As for the price, you can definitely find cheaper polishes, however this one was on offer for £2.40 which is a complete bargain, I've had no chipping so far, the effect is beautiful and I just love the gold top and box! It looks like such an expensive product but is so affordable! I also had a little browse around the rest of the store and found that they have a very large selection of other polishes and their lipsticks and glosses are not to be missed, you should definitely give KIKO a visit if you have a store near you!

Have you bought anything from KIKO? Do you reccomend any of their products in particular? Leave me a comment below! :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

FOTD| My Everyday makeup

I haven't done one of these posts in quite a while, so I thought I would share with you a little post about my everyday makeup routine! Recently I have been becoming more bothered about how I look after my skin and I am keen to try new makeup products (I have so many reviews coming up soon), as before I felt like I was stuck in a makeup routine rut. Honestly, I used the same foundation since I was 14 and I had never even tried bronzer, now I'm trying out a range of cleansers and toners, I attempt to contour, I now actually use eye shadows, and I even bought my first primer yesterday! Anyway, here is the list of products I use, half of my makeup actually originates from an old Benefit 'Celebutante' makeup set which I got for Christmas one year, yet it is absolutely perfect for playing around with new products, and then I can go and buy the full size versions! The rest of my makeup also tends to be by Rimmel  London, I just love how high quality it is, yet so affordable! 

This has always been my go to foundation, it provides full coverage and is skin perfecting. I completely stand by its 25 hour claims, as for all the years I have been using this product, it is genuinely transfer proof, sweat resistant and lasts all day, unless your sat out in 30 degree heat of course. I use either shade 200 or 201 classic beige, and I have never even had the urge to splurge on a £27 ish high-end foundation as this works just as well, for a fraction of the price.

It may not be high end, but it's amazing, the amount of compliments my eyelashes get is ridiculous, all for just £4.99! There are many versions of this mascara depending on the effect you want to achieve, but I find this 'rockin' curves' version has a curved brush and is perfect for reaching your inner lashes, plus adding length and volume.

I always find it ridiculously hard to find a good blusher, they are either disgustingly matte and dark or over the top shimmery, this one has the best of both worlds. This powder blush is highly effective at adding some colour and a little shimmer that adds a little highlight to your cheeks as well, perfect!

This powder is one of the most popular choices for powder, it's lightweight touch, shine control and pore minimising effects make this a great choice for setting your foundation or simply for touch ups throughout the day.

BENEFIT THE PORE FESSIONAL, (part of full glam ahead set) £9.99 Boots
At the moment I only have the miniature version to try out, however I am definitely planning on buying the full size version! The product effectively reduces the appearance of pores, leaves your skin feeling extra soft and makes the application of foundation smoother than ever.

This pallette combines a powder eye brow filler with a gel like setting product for your eyebrows, despite the high price, I can honestly say this product is great for preening, styling and defining your brows perfectly.

BENEFIT HIGH BEAM HIGHLIGHTER, (part of full glam ahead set) £9.99 Boots
Again I have only recently started using this product but I am very pleased with the results, I apply on top of my foundation and blend across my cheek bones, to my Cupid's bow, and along the top of my nose to ensure a highlighting effect to certain areas.

These two shadows combined create a neutral and everyday look for the eyes, I apply the shimmery Leggy velvet shadow all over the lid and the the brown Dandy Brandy shadow to the outer eyelid and blend together, which creates a beautiful neutral smoky eye, the product stays put all day and doesn't get caught in the creases of your eye lids.

BENEFIT DALLAS FACE POWDER, (part of celebutante set)
I absolutely cannot wait to buy the full size version of this bronzer, I absolutely love it! I usually find that sometimes bronzers can be too dark, however this one is perfect for adding a little colour and definition to the cheekbones.

This product is not featured in the images above but I absolutely love this lip balm because not only does it smell divine, like all Body Shop products, but it also moisturises your lips leaving them soft and supple even in the cold winter months. It also adds a little colour to the lips which is beautiful, for only £4 this is 100% my number one handbag essential.

As you can see, besides using a range of Benefit products at the moment, my daily makeup routine is highly inexpensive, infact my entire routine comes to just around £20, which tends to last me around 4 months, bargain! I would love to know about your daily makeup routine, what are your everyday products? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Benefit| Full Glam Ahead

Benefit FULL GLAM AHEAD, Boots exclusive, £9.95

When it comes to high-end cosmetics I have never really seen the point in spending a hell of a lot of money on makeup which you can most certainly find at a much cheaper price by high street makeup brands. Although I won't be splashing the cash on foundations and mascaras, I do like he occasional treat, for example MAC is my go to place to grab a new lippy (I just bought one of their Dazzleglass lipgloss which I will review soon) and when it comes to makeup brushes I would consider investing in some real techniques brushes, so when I saw this handy little kit of mini benefit favourites I just couldn't resist!

The set consists of 3 miniatures of some of the most popular benefit products, the PORE fessional, BADGAL LASH mascara and High Beam highlighter. If I am completely honest I had absolutely no idea how to use the pore fessional or High beam so I had to do a little bit of YouTube searching for some tutorials, I have however used their BADGAL lash mascara before and I can 100% say it is the best mascara I have ever used. So, at just £9.95 I thought this was an absolute bargain if you just want to have a little play around with these products and see what you think of them before splashing out on the full size versions. Here's a little more info about these products and how to use them.

High beam is a highlighter which aims to enhance your complexion. To apply, I reccomend you use around 3 small dabs of the product spread evenly along your cheek bones, this is the area you need to highlight most, you can also apply this along the top of your nose, Cupid's bow or anywhere else you wish to highlight! Simply apply when you have applied your foundation and blend, however don't apply  on top of powder as it can get a little caked up.

The pore fessional is a pro balm which minimises the appearance of pores. I was very sceptical about this product as I just didn't understand how it could possibly work, however there has been so so much hype about this product so I gave it a go. It seriously does not disappoint, although I think the effectiveness of the balm really does depend on the severity of your pores, it really does work! Simply pat the product into any visible pores, for example at the side of your nose/ cheeks, nose or chin and then sweep away any of the excess and blend into your skin. Not only just it make your skin feel super soft, but it smooths out your complexion and really does minimise your pores, then when you apply your foundation the application is a lot easier and looks so much better. The product has a light fragrance and is a skin tone colour which differs from High street alternatives which have a more gel like consistency.

BADGAL lash is literally the best mascara I have ever used, despite retailing at around £17.50 it is expensive, but is perfect for keeping it for special occasions or when your eyes need more definition. It is so great for volumising and lengthening your eyelashes, whereas some others do either or, the brush is also highly effective, I much prefer bristle brushes for my eyelashes as I usually find plastic ones are absolutely useless. Highly reccomend this one, but keep an eye out for their brand new Roller Lash mascara which will be available in the March issue of Elle magazine (available next month).

Overall I have found all 3 of these products highly effective, however I am yet to decide whether to invest in the full size versions, I absolutely love these affordable miniature versions however as now I can get used to using them and it will only set you back £9.95 for all 3 of the products, a lot cheaper than the full size products which can cost anything between £17 and £28. For the miniatures bought individually the value would be £20.33 which saves you a massive 50%, definitely grab this one while you can!

Are you a fan of high end makeup? Do you use Benefit? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Monday, 19 January 2015

LUSH| Twilight

LUSH 'Twilight' bath bomb, £3.35

I don't know about you, but I can never really be bothered with the fuss of having a bath, personally I would much rather have a quick shower instead. However for 2 weeks I am staying with my boyfriend, so why not take the opportunity to make use of his bath! (The one in my student house is absolutely gross ). Anyway, as an added treat I decided to try out a Lush bath bomb, something I have wanted to do for ageeeess yet never really had the opportunity to use one!

I must admit I was a little cautious when it came to choosing a bath bomb, as I have quite sensitive skin I worried that the product could bring me out in a rash or I would have some sort of skin irritation, but since they are completely organic I had no problems whatsoever! When I was browsing the store I just could not choose a bath bomb there are so many and they all smell delicious, I was very tempted by their new valentines collection but some of them were so glittery I was conscious I would be shimmery for days... 

So, I finally chose the 'twilight' bath bomb, it is a beautiful pink colour which has stars and moons printed onto it which was super cute, then inside, it is blue with a lovely shimmery dust, perfect. One other thing I was worried about was exactly how much I needed to use for one bath, I thought quarters would be enough but I would say go for half. Easier said than done. I made every effort to break the bomb apart, it is rock solid, in the end my boyfriend had to use a rather large kitchen knife to prise it apart.

With regards to usage, I absolutely loved the shapes the bath bomb made when released into the water, my bath looked gorgeous! The water in the end turns a beautiful purple colour with a slight glitter which also gives your body an added shimmer! The product itself cost £3.35 which I don't think is bad for an occasional treat, my Friday evening consisted of my LUSH bath, wine, and my boyfriend to make me food perfect. He is also becoming a fellow LUSH lover, he bought the blue robot bath bomb at the weekend too!

can honestly say that I am 100% a converted bath user, and most certainly a fan of LUSH. Their range of bath bombs is extensive, but once you find the perfect scent for you, you'll fall in love. I am so glad I tried LUSH and despite their products retailing for a slightly higher price than a bath bomb from Boots or Superdrug, but you just cannot beat the quality and ethical values of these products!

What do you think? Do you love LUSH? Leave me a comment below! :)

Friday, 16 January 2015

OOTD| Turtle neck

Cream turtle neck jumper| £24.99| New Look

I will be the first person to admit that I used to absolutely hate anything remotely turtle neck, I just always associated them with the older woman who was trying to disguise a wrinkling neck. Even when they came into fashion at the end of last year, I really struggled to understand how or why that had even happened! 

However I now have a huge obsession with them! I have a jumper, long sleeved top, and two crop tops already which are turtle necks, would you believe it?! Anyway, I picked up this jumper from New Look a couple of months ago, I absolutely love it! The material is really thick and so warm, perfect for this time of year, and the turtle neck makes it super cosy. However the only thing I would say is that even though it isn't actually a cropped jumper, it has a tendency to ride up a little which can be annoying! For a mere £24.99 though this will make a cosy jumper that you can pull out of your wardrobe every winter! 

I teamed my turtle neck jumper with Topshop Jamie ripped jeans, yes I know my ripped jeans are a little out of season, but everyone else is still wearing them and they are still hugely on trend at the moment so why not? I also wore some suede heeled ankle boots which I am totally obsessed with right now (also from New Look, £29.99), a burgundy tartan River Island scarf (£15.00) and my trusty Topshop leather jacket (£45), a perfect cosy Winter outfit! 

What do you think of the turtle neck trend, do you love it or hate it? Do you own a turtle neck? Leave me a comment below! :)

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Boux Avenue

Georgian bra and underwear set: Balcony bra £28 NOW £10 Georgian panties £12 NOW £3.50

One of the few things in life which can make you feel so special and good about yourself is firstly, when you know you're wearing matching underwear and secondly when  you know you're wearing fancy underwear. However, I only ever usually buy my underwear from either Primark or George, cheap and cheerful! And the only times I can ever afford the likes of Victoria Secret or Boux Avenue is when they have offers or a sale on. I just don't see the point in splashing the cash on items of clothing that can't even be seen! 

Anyway, the other day I was shopping in town and noticed that Boux Avenue had a sale on, so of course I went for a little look, I wasn't holding out much hope though as I hardly ever find anything worth buying! Not only do they have a sale on at the moment, but they also have an offer which offers a free pair of knickers with any matching bra, considering their knickers tend to be between £12- £15 this is definitely a good offer! 

I absolutely love this little 'georgian style' balcony bra and frilly sheer panties set. To be honest there is no way i would have paid £40 for the set at full price, but for £13.50 it was a bargain! Really though, I would say that the quality is certainly matched to the price in this case, it is amazing and there is a huge amount of detail to the products, so I would definitely consider going and perhaps buying something full price when I have a little spare money! 

With regards to sizing, I would say when it comes to bra's definitely get yourself measured, as I do think with the balcony bra style you may need the size above, and because these pants are quite loose fitting, I would consider trying the size below. 

This set is definitely being saved for a special occasion, as with all of the products at Boux Avenue I doubt this would be my everyday underwear. What do you all think? Do you shop at Boux Avenue? Leave me a comment below! :) 
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Featured in...

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a blogger and student who was writing an article for The University Paper- a newspaper which is also accessible online and is available in universities across the country. The article was for a competition and she based it on how blogging has changed the university experience of 4 student fashion bloggers, also what your uni style is! So of course I agreed to be interviewed by @ellapoyzer along with other bloggers including @ward_jules , @Rosy_Smiles , and @LaurenMKelly_.

Her fantastic article was chosen to be published, it really is a great read so check it out! You can find it at :)

what to do you think? Leave me a comment below! :) 
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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Consumer Generated Marketing| #TOPSHOPSTYLE

 There is no denying that Topshop is one of the most popular shopping destinations on the high street for young people, and Topshop use this popularity and avid fan base to their marketing advantage. With the nation becoming ever more fashion conscious, and craving the status of a 'fashionista', Topshop encourage their cusomers to create images of their looks, and share them across their social media plaforms, with the chance of being featured on the highly exclusive Topshop social media.
In relation to consumer generated marketing, Topshop encourage customers to share their Topshop purchases and outfits across their personal social media platforms, "Show us what you're loving and how you're wearing it on Twitter and Instagram #TOPSHOPSTYLE" is the message which appears on their site homepage. #TOPSHOPSTYLE pictures appear at bottom of topshop site which users can browse through, allowing you to upload your own pictures and to view the gallery. By implementing this consumer generated media into their own website, this allows customers to view the gallery and browse through pages and pages of other customers wearing Topshop products, which may inspire them to re-create the look, or buy certain pieces. Similarly to ASOS, Topshop use this to their advantage by adding the 'shop this look' feature which allows you to buy the products featured in the image.
 The Topshop Instagram page has a following of 3.5m, this creates a motivational aspect to Topshops use of of consumer generated media, as customers aspire to have their look shared on the Topshop Instagram, as this would be a reflection of status and 'style'.  Topshop also use inspirational bloggers to showcase their products and use Instagram hash tags to create awareness of their products, in addition to this, they also include the product codes below the image to induce sales.


TopshopTumblr is solely dedicated to showcasing customers wearing their products. The Topshop Tumblr page allows you to submit your outfit to the site, and if they like it they will re- post their favourites. The page is seen as exclusive, as there are a number of guidelines and tips that should be adhered too in order to get your picture published, which ensures all of the images posted are to a proffesional standard, thus showing Topshop products as something luxurious. The page states "Most excitingly, you can submit pics of yourself styled up in your favorite Topshop pieces. We’ll be tumbling the looks that we love the most, so be sure to take a peek at our photo guide before you start snapping. If you see yourself up there, tell all your friends - it means we love your style!" Ultimately, this is what any fashion conscious woman aspires to be, praised and noticed by one of the most popular fashion stores on the high street, and for others to see them as 'fashionable'.

This is something that Motel Rocks also offer their customers. In order to get more exposure of the brand, they encourage customers to take a picture of how they have styled their Motel products and then if chosen, they appear on the Motel Rocks website beneath images of the product. This is entitled "Motel girls rocking it #MotelRocks".
The customer ladder of loyalty is something which reflects the reasoning behind the creation of customer generated marketing, it shows the development of customer relationships in relation to 'moving them up the ladder of loyalty' from initially attracting the customer to eventually creating customer loyalty. These customers would be categorised as advocates and supporters of the brand as they are proud to wear the Topshop brand, they want to showcase their outfits to their friends and family and create exposure of what Topshop clothes they are buying and wearing, this will eventually encourage others to shop at Topshop as well.
(Payne, 1994)

  Consumer generated marketing is a highly valuable asset to any company, whether is is posting a review of a hotel on Trip Advisor, reviewing a product on Ebay, or uploading an image of your new favourite Topshop dress, it is highly valuable to a company when seeking strong customer relationships and developing awareness of their products or services. Ultimately, the customers who decide to create consumer generated marketing are those described as supporters, partners and advocates of the brand. Topshop can then use this media to create huge awareness of their products, not only through their own media, but for example when a customer uses the #TOPSHOPSTYLE hashtag, all of their followers see it, and anyone who browses through the hundreds of images with the hashtag shared. This can then be used as an effective sales increasing technique.
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Thursday, 1 January 2015


NYE OOTD: Burgundy lurex crop top, £22, Topshop| Faux fur trim skirt, £16.99, Missguided

I hope you all had a fabulous time on New Year's Eve! And I also hope you had a great time celebrating today, I would love to know what you have all been up to, so leave me a little comment below!

Also, I would love to know what you all chose as your NYE outfit... It's one of the most important of the year hehe. I chose to go all out and make the most of the festive period and chose to wear a gorge glittery burgundy top... My faveeeee colour! And then teamed it with glitter lips which I have been absolutely obsessed with this Christmas, and then a faux fur trim skirt... I think it is a little over the top but why not?! It's super girly a cute!

So, rather than setting resolutions I can't keep I have decided to set a few goals instead, of what I hope to achieve this year!

1. Get a fashion marketing work placement 
2. Try to spend more time and money trying out new makeup products 
3. Manage my money better and stop buying unnecessary clothes! 
4. Make more blogger friends and attend more blogger events

Yep it's a mix, especially the 3rd one, but honestly I really do need to be more adventurous with my makeup routine!

Have you made some resolutions or goals? Tell me all about them in the comments section below! :)

                                              Best of luck for 2015! x
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