Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Man who doesn't just love rose gold? I must admit I can be a bit of an addict when it comes to rose gold, whether it be shoes, hangers, jewellery or paper clips I'm there. When I came across these OFFICE shoes I had to have them!
First thoughts, the price. £60 is a lot to spend on shoes you may only wear a handful of times, I am not one to usually waste money on shoes but on this occasion, 10% student discount and pay day stood in my favour!
I will admit, although I am rarely spotted wearing anything other than heels, I have never actually worn stiletto's due to the sheer fact I cannot walk in them- nor can I trust myself to walk in them without breaking my neck. I was also concerned by the fact these shoes have plastic multi straps, which again does not fill me with hope that these shoes will provide me with any comfort whatsoever. However, I bought these to wear at my 21st Birthday Party, which thankfully is in a carpeted room, of course this limits the damage I can do! I must admit that the straps are actually quite comfortable, they keep your foot secure without digging in, and are quite stretchy and flexible to avoid rubbing.
Although these are absolutely beautiful  shoes, I wouldn't recommend them for a night out...however if you're looking for a pretty pair of heels to wear for a special occasion or a short period of time then they are definitely worth a try! I will let you know how I get on... 
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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


For any of you who have followed my blog for a number of years, this post will come as a surprise I should imagine! Yep, Eleanor's wearing sportswear... is that even what you call it? Ok, so on Monday I agreed to go to 'trampoline fit'- an evening work out class, with my dads girlfriend, and as you can imagine, I had literally NOTHING I could wear for the occasion.
The trampoline class is held at 'infinite air', the UK's largest indoor trampoline park, which I am lucky enough to live just down the road from! I tend to go there a lot as trampolining is probably my favourite sport and the only exercise I will willingly take part in. I tend to just wear jeans and a tee when I usually visit, but as I had heard bad things about the class I knew I needed to find something more appropriate.
All hail the Nike factory outlets. Does anybody else share my opinion that sportswear is very expensive? Of course I looked at Beyoncé's new Ivy Park line in Topshop, but as this was going to be a one time thing I headed to Nike. I picked up this coral pink vest for just £21 reduced from £28 in the outlet, and I must admit that wearing it gave me a new lease of life!... it was such a comfy material, looked great and was perfect as I have literally never sweated so much in my life! 
I will definitely be investing in some Ivy Park pieces in the near future... well pay day, but in the meantime if you guys know of any sporty bits and pieces leave me a comment below!
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