Thursday, 27 February 2014

Inside My Nail Polish Box....

I have been meaning to do one of these posts for a while now, but I have only just got round to getting a clear colour wheel to use, so anyways, in a half hour of boredness I decided to get on with this post! Basically, this post is about the contents of my nail polish box, and I have used the colour wheel to show you the colours, it's just not the same in the bottle! It may not be a huge collection, but honestly it was a lot bigger, unfortunately when I came to look through this box a lot of them had unfortunately dried out over time. As you can see from the pictures below, there is a distinct set of colours that I tend to go for when I am choosing my nail varnishes, when I am out shopping the colours that tend to catch my eye are pink, glitter, purple and red, and there a couple of blues thrown in there too! Anyway, I wasn't really sure how to edit the image so that I could display the nail polish brands and colour names, plus it would have taken forever considering that there are 18 of them, so I have included a mini list below with reference to the bottom right colour wheel, starting with the gold and working round to the right. What is your favourite nail varnish? Leave me a comment below, I love reading your comments! :)
(Bottom right image starting with the gold and working around to the right)
'suffuse'- Topshop/ 'blue moon'- Barry M/ 'cyan blue'- Barry M/ 'purple haze'- Models Own/ 'St James'- Nails Inc/ 'cobalt blue'- Barry M/ 'daredevil'- Topshop/ 'jem'- Topshop/ 'raspberry crush'- Models Own/ 'luna love' space dust- Rimmel London/ 'magenta divine'- Models Own/ 'toggle to the top'- Essie/ 'silver fox'- Models Own/ 'gold finger'- Models Own/ 'what's up'- Topshop/ 'peach melba'- Barry M/ 'pink flamingo'- Barry M/ 'pink flamingo' color show- Maybelline.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ways To Wear Your Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a classic , an item that remains a prominent feature in women's fashion from year to year. Whatever your style there will be a leather jacket out there for you and if you already have one then maybe its time try something new! Leather jackets are always seasonal mainstay, in order to avoid it becoming stale it's important to freshen up your wardrobe from time to time. If you’re struggling for style ideas then look no further, there’s a wide variety of styles out there so don’t panic. 

The leather jacket is a key piece for any woman's wardrobe, for more inspiration simply follow these tips on how to wear your leather jacket.


The biker jacket is a popular choice for many women, the style is original yet authentic and extremely versatile. The biker jacket is relatively easy to style if you know how and can pretty much be worn with anything.

A classic look that always works well is to team your biker with a white shirt, jeans and a cute pair of heels. An androgynous look that also screams femininity, the combination of smart and casual makes this outfit suitable for almost any occasion. Add a clutch and some understated jewellery to dress it up even more.

If you prefer to be more casual then go for the traditional rocker look, this is commonly associated with the biker jacket. Team your jacket up with a pair of ripped jeans, a oversized tee and a pair of converse - casual and comfy. For inspiration take a look at the Schott Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket   a traditional silhouette worn by both men and women for many years.


The tailored leather is a practical style but must be styled correctly. Tailoring is great if you’re looking for a way of accentuating your figure as many styles are figure hugging.

Tailored leathers are great if you want to be more dressy. Try leather on leather it’s daring but when it’s done right it can look incredibly sophisticated, whether you team your leather with some leather pants or go for an imitation such a coated jeans. This look can be pulled off by keeping it simple underneath try sticking to a plain white t-shirt to tone this look down.



 The cropped leather jacket teams up perfectly with summer dresses, fabric such as silk and chiffon are a great contrast against the stiff leather. Try teaming cropped leather jackets with high-waisted silhouettes such as fitted trousers or for more fitted styles try a - line or maxi skirts this will help balance out your top and bottom half.

 Try and play around with the types of material that you team your jacket with - textures combined with the smoothness of the leather can completely transform an outfit.



 Draped leather jackets are usually more suited to dressy occasions. The jackets are made out of softer and thinner leather.
This type of jacket is most definitely designed to make a statement, the style accentuates the neckline and draws the eye downwards.

This type of jacket should be worn over a fitted dress or skinny jeans and a top, it doesn’t require anything too over the top underneath as it works better over less bulky items.


Coloured Leather



Coloured Leather is pretty risky but if you want to try something new then playing around with colours is one way to spruce up your wardrobe. In the winter you could go for an olive green or brown both neutral and earthy - try layering these jackets with a chunky knits or a warm hoody.

In the summer months the opportunities are endless, tan leather always looks great with summer florals, especially if you're going for that boho hippy chic look. Leather always looks fantastic in pastel colours - specially when worn with white or cream underneath - Zara have got some great pastel items coming in for SS14.

*All images from

MAC Lipstick Collection...

Recently I have come to realise that I may in fact have a minor addiction for buying M.A.C lippies! I don't know what it is about them, but seeing row after row of beautiful lipsticks I can't help but try a few out, and of course, that leads to a purchase or too. What I love about MAC in particular is that they are such great quality, I love how they come in different textures such as matte, satin, and crème sheen. I currently have a small collection, the first, is viva glam 5, a shimmery lipstick which is designed to bring out your natural lip colour and leave them with a lovely gloss finish. Number 2 is crème sheen crème cup, which I have heard is very popular. For day to day use it is perfect, I am a massive fan of nude/pink lips and this one is just beautiful! For evening wear I have Ruby Woo, every girl needs a red lipstick in their make up bag and this one is so bold, the blue under tones also ensure your teeth look whiter too! The only thing with this one is that you do need to apply a lip balm before using to ensure a smooth application as the texture is matte, I use a Nivia lip balm or EOS balm, I would stay clear of Vaseline and carmex though as they are a bit runny and I find they can sometimes make the lipstick run a little. Finally is my most recent purchase, the satin Rebel lipstick. The colour is a deep purple/ pink colour which I love, I had never been too bold with lipsticks before and used to just stick to neutrals, but having bought Ruby Woo, I thought, why not?! Apart from the £15 price tag which is definitely very expensive, they are definitely worth it, I must admit I have not yet bought into the whole range of cosmetics as this would definitely be a dangerous buying addiction! Do you have any MAC lipsticks? Do you have a fave?
Matte 'Ruby Woo'- £15
Satin 'Rebel'- £15
crème sheen- 'Crème cup'- £15
Viva Glam- '5'- £15

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

ELLE STYLE AWARDS| Best & Worst Dressed

Omggg I just love writing these posts! There is nothing more interesting to me than seeing what celebrities are wearing, and what look they tend to go for, which is why I love having a peek at what they decide to wear on the red carpet. Last night was the Elle Style Awards, and as usual, there were some beautifully dressed people, some of which being Emma Watson, who wore a black sequined dress with a huge bow, Lilly Allen who looked a little different than usual, but looked simply amazing, and Laura Whitmore, which although she didn't look as 'red carpet ready' as the other celebrities of the night, her shirt and metallic skirt combo looked gorgeous! However, there were some outfits which I really didn't think looked too great, Katy Perry for one surprised me by wearing a floral silk dress which unfortunately, I think makes her look a bit 'grannyfied', and Jessie J's almost crotch length boots were just appalling. Who do you think was best and worst dressed? Do you agree with my best and worst categories? :)
 - Emma Watson- Giambattista Valli brand new season dress, which featured a black sequined top and a huge bow skirt embellishment, definitely my favourite outfit of the night.
 - Lilly Allen- Roland Mouret designed this gorgeous floor length gown, and although personally I think this look is completely removed from what Lilly is usually seen wearing, I think she looks gorgeous in this!
 - Ellie Goulding- Her Matthew Williamson 'starry-eyed'  sheer panel dress was the perfect dress for the occasion.
 - Jourdan Dunn- This Tom Ford dress really caught my eye, as being not too glamorous but being quite simple and completely complimentary to this super models image. Again, this is one of my most favourite outfits of the night.
 - Suki Waterhouse- Her plunging black floor length gown by Burberry looked amazing, she also teamed it with a blazer jacket which completed the look perfectly.
  - Olga Kurylenko- Seen wearing an Isabel Marant sequined black dress which looked gorgeous, I particularly like the strap design of this dress as it is quite unusual.
 - Laura Whitmore- As I have just stated, her look was quite simplistic, but I love how she has teamed a crisp white shirt with this gorgeous metallic lilac skirt and nude heels. This looked so beautiful and is all sold at Warehouse, who were sponsoring the event.
 - Amber Le Bon- Again she wore a gorgeous black simplistic dress which was also by Warehouse, the sponsors of this years Elle Style Awards.
 - Rita Ora- This dress to me, as soon as I saw it, reminded me of the dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore recently to an awards ceremony, I really disliked it. However although Rita's dress mimics her look, this Marchesa with layered tulle skirt and sheer top looked lovely!
 - Katy Perry- Although her dress looks classy, the over all look is just 'granny'. The whole appearance is more suited to a 60 year old than someone in her 20's.
 - Erin O' Connor- Opting for a Louis Vuitton dress may not have been the best choice of outfit for her, as it looks again, a little old fashioned, although the hair piece does look quite nice!
 - Georgina Chapman- This floral creation would be okay if the lace did not make the dress look almost scruffy.
 - Cara Delevingne- For a super model I was expecting to see her wearing something a little more than what can only be described as an oversized dressing gown.
 - Jessie J- Need I even say anything?

* All images from 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Menswear Influence On Women's Fashion

When it comes to fashion trends, the rules and conventions are forever changing - clothing styles that were once associated with menswear are now apparent in women's wear. Leather jacket   can be a good example, designed for aviators, today is an essential for men and women. Clothing has adapted making it possible to  incorporate masculine styles without compromising femininity.

Contemporary women’s fashion often contains classic menswear pieces, certain detailing and styling aspects are regularly taken from menswear pieces in order to create functional more appropriate clothing for women, however this hasn’t always been the case.

 Designers now re-engineer menswear to fit the woman's body, sharp tailoring and contrasting textures are now common features within women’s fashion. Genderless fashion is popular today with designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss and Yves Saint Laurent adopting androgynous style, however this hasn’t always been the case. 
The term  “Tom Boy”  used to a negative connotation associated with girls inappropriately acting or dressing  however now it is anything but negative, it is now referred to as a way of establishing the codes of clothing to express something unique. Many attempts have been made to create unisex clothing lines - particularly throughout the 60’s and 70’s however due to the social stereotypes associated with gender this didn’t really take off.

 The 1980’s saw the rise in the use of jersey and stretch fabrics used as outerwear for women - something that previously hadn’t been seen before. Popular culture, music and street style influenced designers to play around with different fabrics and silhouettes crossing the boundaries and overlapping menswear and womenswear.

 Over the past twenty or so years, the fashion industry has seen the appearance of androgynous style grow as men’s and women’s style breaks away from its stereotypical characteristics. Women have began to dress more like men and men have began to embrace their feminine side.

Coco Chanel
Its impossible to talk about the influence of menswear on women’s fashion without mentioning Coco Chanel. Menswear influences on womenswear has been apparent since the 20th century with Coco Chanel creating the “power suit”. Chanel produced powerful statement pieces influenced by masculine silhouettes leading the way in terms of elegant andrology by interpreting menswear pieces with a feminine twist.

Because of influential designers like Chanel, it is now possible to dress masculine yet still appear feminine. Chanel was the first to introduce the use of tailoring with her garconne or boyish silhouette which at the time shocked certain members of society. The androgynous look has become one of the most influential looks in womenswear and this has continued through to the 21st century. 

 Chanel made it possible for the women of today to have the freedom to wear masculine boxy shapes, moving away from the typical constraints associated with womenswear to clothes that they can actually move in and feel comfortable in.

Monday, 17 February 2014

NEW FAVE| Alphabet bags

So, while I was doing my daily browsing of blogs, I came across a blogger who had just bought the cutest bag (#1) from the cutest website! The website Alphabet Bags is an online bag retailer ran by a husband and wife, which was established in 2008, they sell so many different bags, including; purses, pouches, big bags, small bags, makeup bags, wash bags and phone cases, which I absolutely love. Once I had seen the gold glitter heart pouch, I knew I had to check this website out, their designs are so simple and beautiful and are a good price! I have included some of my favourite items from their site, I especially love #1, #4, #5 & #6. What do you think? :)
1.Canvas pouch- heart glitter- £17
2. Canvas pouch- Ta-Da! - £18
3. Coin purse- £- £14
4. Coin purse- Heart- £14
5. Little canvas pouch- Glitter  heart- £15
6. I phone 4/4s case- You look lovely today- £20
7. Wash bag- E- £22
8. Big bag- You look lovely- £13
9. Coin purse- gem- £14
*All images from 

Sunday, 16 February 2014


What a surprise, yet another little wish list! Since returning to university and with only being in 2 days a week, I have had soooo much free time to browse the shops in Leeds. I have especially been on the hunt for an outfit to wear to London Fashion Week this Friday, and although I have had no luck yet, I have spotted a few bits and bobs which have taken my fancy! I specifically love #1, these earrings look expensive, yet they are a bargain from Topshop, so beautiful and elegant, #2 & #3 are my Ted faves, honestly Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands and I just can't help but wish I could afford to buy from there! #4 is a jumper top with a chiffon insert which I thought was quite cute, #5, well everyone has one of these skirts/skorts in their wardrobe don't they? I keep seeing the style everywhere and I guess now is the time to get myself one! And finally #7 is yet another M.A.C lipstick, seriously I am developing an addiction... an expensive addiction. What do you think? What is on your wish list at the moment? :)
1. Premium cubic zirconia heart earrings- £15- Topshop
2. BOWUN Skinny bow belt- £59- Ted Baker
3. BANDOOK Small bow tote bag- £179- Ted Baker
4. Pink woven back long sleeve top - £22- River Island
5. Diamond wrap skort- £40- Topshop
6. Premium flower hair clip- £20- Topshop
7. Matte lipstick in Diva- £15- MAC
8. Leather clutch bag with metal corners and zip top- £35- ASOS
9. Cream Cameo Rose zip back top- £14.99- New Look
*All images from respective websites

Saturday, 15 February 2014

SS14 TREND #6| Pastels

This is my final SS14 trend post, and I deliberately saved the best till last! My favourite upcoming trend for spring/summer is pastel colours, I really love pastels because they are so simple, clean and beautiful, it is also makes wearing some 'garish' colours easier to carry off, like greens and purples, so by wearing pastels it is so much easier for the less confident of us to add a splash of colour into our outfits and indeed our new season wardrobes! I love all of the colours and items below, I have tried to include a little something for every piece of an outfit, and I must say I am a huge fan of the #2 mint green top, #5 boyfriend coat and #6 eyelash jumper. I will most certainly be buying some pastel colour garments this season, just be experimental with these colours and don't be scared to try something new if your usual a 'monochrome' kinda girl like myself! Unlike some of the other trends I have covered this week, pastels are literally everywhere on the high street so you can't miss them, I have seen soooo many stores with sections dedicated to pastel colours! What do you think of pastels? Leave me a comment below! :)
1. Ultra mini skirt in patent PU- £32- ASOS
2. Split side chiffon tee- £34- Topshop
3. Crop top with turtle neck- £8- ASOS
4. Quilt cross body bag with rabbit ears- £18- ASOS
5. Light pink drawn wool oversized coat- £80- River Island
6. Daphne eyelash cropped jumper in pink- £28- Fashion Union
7. Hearts & bows blue cherish pastel knit- £19.99- ARK

Friday, 14 February 2014

SS14 TREND #5| Logos

Firstly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :) Are you doing anything special today? I'm spending the day with my kittens hehe, aww I love them! Anyway, today I am sharing with you a trend which I think is soooo cool. The 'logo trend' is one which has particularly caught my eye, although when wearing any of these items the look is very in your face I think of worn casually it's a great look! Personally I am really into logo t shirts but I think because it is sooo cold at the moment that the logo sweatshirts are great too, my favourite item included below is #7, the New York skirt it is just lovely! Such a statement piece, I am also a huge fan of #1 and #3 crop tees! Do you have any logo print clothing? What do you think of this trend? :)
1. L.E.S.S Midi crop- £35- L.E.S.S Clothing
2. Hearts & bows amblin boyfriend T-shirt- £14.99- ARK
3. Cream MTV print tank- £12- River Island
4. Quilted A-line skirt in New York print- £30- ASOS
5. Sweatshirt with parental advisory- £28- ASOS
6. BOY London eagle vest- £35- ASOS
7. White Tres En Vogue madame oversized t-shirt- £16- River Island
8. Ellesse crew neck sweatshirt- £40- ASOS

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Today I must admit, the trend which I am blogging about is just sooo not me at all! I  am defo not into the whole 'sporty' look, however, I do think that this is a fantastic trend if you are into it. The concept of 'sporty chic' is so interesting for me, as to be honest, it allows you to look like you have just run from the gym, to university or whatever without looking like a sweaty mess! The items which incorporate a little bit of sporty chic are the ones which have grabbed my attention below, #2, #5 and #8 are ones which are my favourites and what I would actually consider wearing. Alternativley you could go completely sporty chic with #1, #3 and #7 but I guess it is up to your own preference, what do you think of this trend? Are you into it or not so much? :)
1. Holdall bag with nylon quilting- £25- ASOS
2. Eyes on you wide sports tee by Illustrated people- £38- Topshop
3. Nike blazer pink high top trainers- WAS £70 NOW £30
4. Vintage look sports dress by Annie Greenabelle- £39- Topshop
5. Eleven paris skater skirt in Jacquared Rose print- £78- ASOS
6. Black Bronx New York mesh hem t-shirt- £25- River Island
7. Other UK 23 Basketball sweatshirt WAS £55 NOW £27.50- ASOS

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

SS14 TREND #3| World prints, textures & accessories

Day number 3 of covering SS14 trends! I am really enjoying taking a look at all of the upcoming, different trends to look forward too next season, it is always best to have an idea of what is on trend and what's not when your out shopping I guess! :) Anyway, today is world prints, textures and accessories, so whether you go straight for bold prints like #1 or a more subtle print like #5 there is sooo many ways you can incorporate this trend into any outfit! Think ring stacking, necklace layering, tie die and bead embellishments! This is definitely one of my favourite trends, as I think it is such a fun trend to easily play around with. I have included a little bit of inspiration for you below depending on how you may want to wear this trend, all of these things are from the high- street but I would start checking out some markets to see what little bits and bobs you can pick up. What do you think? Will you be giving it a go? Be sure to leave me a comment below! :)
1. Cream keziah tunic dress- £19.99- ARK
2. Mixed stones ring pack- £12- ASOS
3. Bead and feather cuff bracelet- £8- ASOS
4. JUSTICE leather flat shoes- £25- ASOS
5. AX Paris tie dye dress with cut out sides- £18- ASOS
6. Engraved tribal ring- £6.50- Topshop
7. Duffle bag with embellishment- £30- ASOS

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

SS14 TREND #2| Florals

I particularly love this trend for spring/summer seasons as floral prints always look pretty and uplifting during the warmer months! Floral prints are literally everywhere on the high- street, so there is no way you won't come across this trend! Below I thought I would share with you a few different floral pieces, which are perhaps a little less usual that what you may already have in your wardrobe, I particularly love #2 blurred effect and #4, the shape of the skirt is just beautiful and I really haven't seen anything like this before, so it really caught my eye! You don't have to be super girly to wear floral, you can in fact wear it as a more subtle addition to an outfit, for example the trousers #7 would be perfect for night or day and are not too vibrant! Are you a fan of floral prints? Which is your favourite item from my post? :)

1. Floral print biker jacket- £70- ASOS
2. Multi blurry floral skort- £38- Topshop
3. Pink floral jacquard bra top- WAS £32 NOW £15- Miss Selfridge
4. Finders keeps asymmetrical skirt in floral print- £119- ASOS
5. Emelia floral eyelash lace playsuit- £29.99- Missguided
6. Alice McCall Queen of Bermuda dress- £300- ASOS
7. Peg trousers in vintage tapestry floral print- £22- ASOS

Monday, 10 February 2014

SS14 TREND #1| Art Prints

When I was planning what to use as content for my blog this week, I just thought, Spring is on it's way, and even though we are still in the very chilly winter months at the moment, it is never too early to start planning next seasons wardrobe! I haven't yet done a post on the upcoming trends yet, and as there are so many I thought I would do one for every day of this week. To begin with, I thought I would cheer you up on a Monday with an injection of crazy prints! I thought this is quite an unusual trend as 'art prints' can sometimes be quite difficult to carry off, but what is important to remember about this trend, is that you can either wear the prints as subtle or vibrant as you like! I have included a mixture below, it is quite simple to incorporate art prints into any outfit for example #4 could be a simple accessory to put with an outfit, or #1 could be a vibrant addition to an outfit. Art prints come in many different forms, whether it be stripes, tribal or checks, there is something for everyone! What do you think of this trend? :) 
1. Blouse in layered stripe placement print- £36- ASOS
2. Jarka flower print Bardot mini dress- WAS £14.99 NOW £8.99- Missguided
3. Edite monochrome geometric print bodycon dress- £35- Missguided
4. Clutch bag in blurred lines print- £25- ASOS
5. Pencil skirt in scratchy check print- £38- ASOS
6. Tribal print tight crop top by Illustrated people- £36- Topshop
7. Cami top with tribal face- £16- ASOS

Sunday, 9 February 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW| essie nail varnish

I had never tried this brand of nail varnish before, for one of the main reasons that it is quite an expensive brand compared to others under £5 such as Maybelline and Barry M, Essie nail polishes tend to be £7.99. I couldn't resist. When I spotted this nail varnish I just fell in love with the colour, which is shade 'toggle to the top', it is a deep red colour and has a little bit of glitter in it also to add a touch of sparkle! I really love the appearance of this nail varnish, and it's application is so easy, Personally, I only think that you need to apply 1 coat of this nail polish as it is quite thick, it looks great! I also used my boots points to purchase this nail varnish so I just had to buy it! What do you think of this nail polish? What is your favourite nail polish brand? :)
Essie 'toggle to the top' nail polish- £7.99- Boots

Friday, 7 February 2014

GET THE LOOK| Amy Willerton

A lot of my posts recently have centred upon spotting a celebrities look, and finding a similar high- street alternative, because lets face it, celebrities love to wear expensive designer clothes and I for one cannot afford to replicate their actual outfit choices! Therefore I have composed these posts in the hope of finding a very similar look for a high- street price tag, and on a budget. I must admit, when I sift through numerous online news and magazine stories mostly surrounding celebrities, I tend to focus upon what they are wearing and how they look, I love comparing their style choices and seeing which celebrities have a particular style. Amy Willerton is such a beautiful girl, and I find that her style is one which I really relate too, as she loves to be a bit girly in her fashion decisions. The outfit below caught my eye because I love how she has turned a summery playsuit into one which could definitely be worn in the colder months by teaming it with black tights, ankle boots and a faux fur jacket. I also love how she has accessorized to dress the outfit up a bit with a beautiful statement necklace, bag and belt to synch in the waist. What do you think of my high street finds? Do you like this look? :)
1.Jenny chiffon cross over dress in purple- £24.99- Missguided
2. Burgundy cracked clean western belt- £18- Topshop
3. Curb chain and pearl necklace- £22- Oasis
4. Whistles Marylin side zip ankle boots- £155- ASOS
5. Black faux fur jacket- £45- Dorothy Perkins
6. Merino zip pocket luggage bag- £50- Topshop
*All images from respective websites

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

INSPIRATION| Valentines Date Night Faves....

Valentines day is nearly just a week away, and whether you intend to spend it with your boyfriend or your besties, there is no reason why you shouldn't dress to impress! Me and my boyfriend are taking a trip to Nandos on the day, and on Saturday me and my 4 best friends are having a get- together, so I guess I get the best of both worlds! Haven't decided what to wear yet? Don't worry! I have compiled some outfit ideas below which may help you out when it comes to dressing for the occasion, whether its a cinema date, meal, a few drinks or just a girly night out you have planned, I have picked 10 of my favourite clothes and accessories found online and on the high- street which might give you a little inspiration! I absolutely adore the cigarette fuchsia trousers,  heart midi ring, lace puffball dress and MAC lippy... What are your plans for Valentines day? Will you be spending it with the boyfriend, friends or just having a night in for one? I would love to read a comment or two below! :)

1. Marylin cigarette trousers- £21.99- ASOS
2. Dayana lace sleeved puff ball dress- £34.99- Missguided
3. Daira loose shift dress- £19.99- Missguided
4. Hetera long sleeved peplum top and belt- £14.99- Missguided
5. Candysa organza hem skirt- £14.99- Missguided
6. Lulu Guinness neon lips clutch- £245- ASOS
7. 'Rebel' MAC lipstick- £15- MAC
8. Cut out heart midi- ring- £4.50- Topshop
9. ASOS Woven cami in satin- £16- ASOS
10. Flafica eyelash long sleeved cropped jumper- £19.99- Missguided

*All images from respective websites

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


As the sales are now coming to an end, some of my wish list is made up of my pick of the sales! The rest are some other bits and pieces which I have either spotted when I have been shopping during the week, or when I have spent countless hours sat browsing stores online. Although many of these things I will have to save for, I am sure one day I will actually be able to own some of this wish list, for now, they will unfortunately just remain a 'wish' :( What have you got on your wish list at the moment? Have you recently bought any really good bargains from the sales? Leave me a comment below! :)
1. INA Heel cut out boot- £40- Fashion Union
2. Olivia Burton big dial rose gold bracelet- £95- ASOS
3. Leaf embellished top- WAS £40 NOW £20- Topshop
4. Knitted embellished jumper- WAS £46 NOW £25- Topshop
5. Blush wash zip cross body bag- £22- Dorothy Perkins
6. Nails in epiphany- WAS £6 NOW £1- Topshop
7. Short padded parka jacket- £68- Topshop
8. Light pink mini purse- £5- River Island
9. Liz Twix shoulder jumper in cream- WAS £25 NOW £10- Fashion Union

*All images from respective websites

Monday, 3 February 2014


If I am honest, I had never heard of this brand until a couple of weeks ago, but I have instantly grown to love it! Basically, they are a fairly new brand based in London, who sell unisex  handcrafted clothing... I came to be aware of the brand when they hit the fashion headlines recently for having their L.E.S.S Midi Crop worn by celebrities Cara Delevigne and Beyoncé! Personally I really love this midi crop top, it is so simple yet such a great piece. What I also love about it is that it is usually so difficult to replicate a celebrities look with the actual item of clothing without expecting to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds! So when I came to find this top, I found it cost a mere £35! I think it would be perfect for Summer,what do you think? :) 
L.E.S.S Midi Crop- £35- Less Clothing

Saturday, 1 February 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Neutrogena pink gapefruit daily scrub

For me, I must admit I don't really have a "beauty regime", if I am honest I don't even know where to start. Face wipes, makeup and the occasional use of moisturizer are about as far as I go when it comes to caring for my skin. However, since I have been reading more and more beauty blogs I have started to realise how important it is to look after your skin and so last week I took a leap and bought a daily scrub. I didn't really know what I was looking for as I stared at the endless amounts of face washes and exfoliators on offer, if I am honest the only reason I bought this is because it was pink and smelt good! This product really is useful though, I tend to suffer from a few blackheads and spots here and there, and since using the exfoliator it has left my skin not only clearer, but so so soft! With some exfoliators the solution can sometimes feel a little 'grainy' and can be rough and harsh on the skin, but with this I didn't think it was too tough on my skin at all, yet has reduced my blemishes and dry skin patches within just a week of use. The product also smells so beautiful. The only downside of this product however is that I can sometimes suffer from oily skin, and have to powder my nose and chin areas half way through the day, and I have found that my skin has become more oily since using this product. I have however decided to stick with using this product morning and evening, twice a day as it smells & looks great, is effective and cheap! I would definitely recommend this... what's your favourite skin care product? Any recommendations? :)
Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub- £3.99- ASDA

SUPERDRUG 'CELEB' SCALES| Your celebrity weight revealed...

Yup, this sounds veryyyy strange, but I am telling the truth! At the moment Superdrug has just released a pair of scales in their stores that customers can now go and weigh themselves on... but their weight won't appear in stones and lbs, in fact you will be able to see which celebrity you weigh the same as! Lets face it, we have all wondered at times how much these gorgeous, toned figured celebrities weigh, trust me you will be so surprised! Countless times I have sat reading Cosmo, glamour or Vogue and stared longingly at the images in front of me thinking "how are you so skinny?" ..."She is so thin and beautiful"... "she has a perfect figure"...turns out, at 9 stones 2lbs I actually weigh less than Rihanna and Beyoncé, and just a little more than Ellie Goulding, shock. Yep these numbers are likely to fluctuate but hey, it still made me feel fantastic. Below I have included the weights of some celebrities which are featured on the scales, so until these are possibly released for sale, you can see who you are most like! What is your opinion on this? Do you think it is just harmless fun or do you think there is already too much forced celebrity comparison in the media?... :)
Cheryl Cole- 8st
Kate Middleton- 8st 6lb
Jessica Ennis- 8st 9lb
Ellie Goulding- 9st
Beyoncé- 9st 4lb
Rihanna- 9st 7lb
Christina Hendricks- 11st
Khloe Kardashian- 12st 11lb
Adele- 14st
Queen Latifa- 14st
Gemma Collins- 16st
Melissa McCarthy- estimate 18st
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