Sunday, 28 September 2014

London Fashion Weekend

I'm wearing: Leather jacket- £52- Topshop| Aztec monochrome pelmet skirt- £36- Topshop| Michael Kors rose gold chronograph watch- £249- Ernest Jones| Lace trim black jersey tee, £16, Topshop.
For those of you that  have visited London Fashion Week or London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House will know how much of a fantastic experience it is, even my boyfriend loved it! It was our second visit to London Fashion Weekend this year and the atmosphere was just incredible, I just love seeing what everyone wears for the occasion, it just seems like everyone wants to impress! One of the main aspects of the weekend event is being able to shop straight from the designers in the beautiful surroundings of Somerset House, I honestly saw some fabulous items that I wanted so bad, one of which was a sheer tank embellished with pearl flowers, it honestly was the cutest thing I've ever seen, although I highly doubt I would ever be able to justify a suitable occasion to wear it.
Unfortunately for me  I didn't even make it to the catwalk show, I know, absolutely devastated. The first catwalk show I saw in February was just incredible and I was so exited to see the trend catwalk this year but I felt very ill, all the excitement and heat meant I had to give it a miss unfortunately, but I have scoured YouTube to find footage of the event and I have to say, for whoever who actually went to the show it must have been amazing!
So, the 4 key trends for S/S15 include:
-Onle and only
-Candy crush
-Jungle fever
-Fairy tale ending
One of my favourite things about London Fashion Weekend is the free designer tote bag you get filled with lovely little bits and pieces, I will admit that this season I was a little disappointed, although I really like the Lulu Guinness tote, I found that a lot of the items in the bag were just the same as February freebies, for example I got exactly the same Essie nail polish as last season and also LavAzza coffee for a machine I don't have! , but I was pleased to see that there was one of my favourite Maybelline mascaras, Label.M shine spray, Garnier cleansing wipe and Urban fruit (pineapple) but I was bemused to see Artelac Rebalance eyedrops in my bag... honestly I thought they had been put in my bag by mistake! The good thing is though, seen as my boyfriend also got a tote bag, it means I get double the freebies!
Topshop Buys: Faux leather quilted mini skirt- £38| The Little Mermaid pyjama set- £22| Metallic Jumper- £36
Finally, as I didn't make it to the trend show, we decided that we would hit Oxford Street, first stop, Topshop. As I don't really get to see my boyfriend all that much, he decided he would treat me to some bits and bobs from Topshop, I just love this faux leather quilted skirt, it is so versatile, not only do I intend dressing this up for a night out, I also will be wearing it for work and for teaming with tights in the daytime. These pj's are honestly the cutest, I am a massive Disney fan and you have literally no idea how long I have wanted them for, there are also The Lion King, The Simpsons and Aladdin to name a few of the sleepwear and underwear sets in Topshop at the moment. Finally, I decided to get a new jumper, I think that the autumn season is literally the hardest season to dress for, its too warm to wear a coat, but then there can be a chilly breeze which means you can't go out without one, so, my solution is to now just wear a jumper.
Did you go to London Fashion Weekend, or have you ever been? What did you think? Leave me a comment below! :)  
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sleepwear Mini Haul

Thumper Pyjama set- £8- Primark| Bambi Pyjama set- £6.00- Primark| Bambi slipper socks- £4.00- Primark.
If there is one thing that I don't often buy its pyjamas, honestly I wear the same ones over and over for years... I don't even have many actual sets of pjamas as I usually shove on a pair of pyjama shorts and a random vest top, I just never feel the need to buy pyjama sets, as to be honest it isn't like choosing an outfit for a night out because really, who is going to see your pjs and who would be bothered?! Seen as I just recently moved into my new uni house with my friends I thought it was high time that I ditched my childrens size 11-12 La Redoute pj's... that is actually not a joke, I still own and wear those pyjamas... and finally got my self some new ones!
I'm not going to lie, I am not the biggest Primark fan in the world, I can never be bothered to sift through rail after rail of random cheap tat to occasionally find one nice item of clothing, but I do tend to get the majority of my underwear and pj's from there, their selection is huge! Anyway, I came across these adorable sets this afternoon and just had to have them, although I begrudge spending £18 on sleepwear!
Although I absolutely adore these sets, I will definitely be mixing and matching them, as I am very wary of wearing those pyjama pants, bit revealing! I am a huge Disney fan so these were perfect for me, and as for the slipper socks they have so so many different Disney slippers/ slipper socks and pyjamas in their range so definitely get yourself in there for a shufty! Last night the nose fell off my Rudolph slippers so I had to treat myself to these cute Bambi ones, plus they match my pj's!
What do you think of my mini haul? Are you as bad as me when it comes to having matching pyjama sets? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Friday, 19 September 2014


*Ok, today I have decided to take my blogging in a slightly different direction. I am going to discuss an issue which the majority of my readers will probably have come into contact with at at least some stage. Acne. Now that i'm writing this I am thinking to myself... is this a bit of a touchy subject? Probably. This is an issue that thankfully I have never had to deal with, although I get the few odd spots I have been blessed with skin not prone to acne, although this is probably not the case for some of you. 

Acne can ruin lives... Drama Queen!. On a serious note, us girls battle with self esteem on a daily basis and if you're affected by acne this can make things 100% worse! It is wrong to think that acne just affects you in your teenage years as in fact, regardless of your age, it can affect you long into adulthood. So, just imagine a life with flawless and smooth skin, the confidence of having your acne banished for good. Today I am talking about the marvellous treatment that could leave you free of acne forever. 

You've tried every lotion, potion and perhaps even medication, right? But have you ever considered seeking treatment that could drastically change your life for the better? This is where sk:n comes in! Sk:n are the UK's leading clinics for acne treatments and have over 20 years of experience. With 40 state-of-the-art clinics nationwide, it couldn't be easier to book a consultation with an expert near you! You are probably thinking, 'What actually is the treatment process? Will I be able to afford it?'
The procedure is completely safe and pain free, and the treatments list includes: Advances Salicylic skin peel, Advanced Pyruvic skin peel, Isolaz® treatments and a course of 6 Isolaz® treatments and peel. (Prices range from  £105-  £480 depending on the treatment and length of sessions).

What is 'Isolaz®'? As described by sk:n the treatment uses high-tech lasers combined with pore-purifying technology, designed to leave your skin clearer for longer. With regards to effectiveness, 'acne treatments carried out by sk:n have scored an average 91% out of 100 based on 146 reviews'. More information on this can be found at

sk:n clinics do not just offer treatment for acne, so if like me you are not massively affected by acne you may consider taking a look at their range of other treatments including; acne scar treatment, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, mole and birth mark removal, skin peels, rosacea, sun damage and rejuvination and that is literally only a tiny part of what they can offer! 

What can you expect the results to look like? Well, the sk:n clinic has actually selected 10 people to receive a complete treatment plan worth up to £1300 provided by the acne team with the hope of transforming their skin for the better, for good. To meet the Clear Sk:n Challenger's and to hear their stories you can find them HERE or you can Like sk:n clinics on Facebook to follow their journeys and check their progress!
You can find more information on the treatment sk:n offers for acne treatment HERE or call 0121 5678 356 for advice or to book a consultation.
Finally, I am going to ask you all what your biggest skin woe is, do you have a skin issue that is getting you down, or maybe you're fed up of your acne prone skin. Leave me a comment below! :)
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Thursday, 18 September 2014


  #Busstandselfie- Rimmel scandal'eyes waterproof mascara, £6.99, Superdrug| Clinque high impact mascara, (magazine tester)| Rimmel London 25 hour lasting finish foundation 201, £4.98, Savers| Rimmel London stay matte powder 002, £3.98, Savers| NYC cheek glow central park pink, £2.99, Superdrug| Benefit Browzings medium, £24.50, Boots| No7 high shine lip crayon delicate pink, £9.00, Boots.
Okay I wasn't joking with my "#busstandselfie" I was genuinely sat at the bus stop with my boyfriend waiting to go into town to Nandos haha! But anyway as it was date night I thought I would make an effort as I don't really get to see him that much right now. This is my usual sort or day-to-day makeup, it's quick and simple and I am not joking I haven't changed my routine or products that I use all that much in the past 4 years, I don't care what anyone says, if it ain't broke don't fix it!
I tend to keep my makeup routine simple to save time on a morning, although I have just recently started applying my foundation with a brush... I am very proud, I didn't realise how much better it would be rather than using my finger tips! I tend to use mainly Rimmel London products, as although over time my foundation has been discontinued, then changed a little, I do think this lasting finish foundation gives great coverage and it genuinely does last all day unless you're running a marathon or something!
My mascara is also Rimmel, I tend to mix and match with the scandal'eyes range but I bought this waterproof one for going on holiday, it stayed on really well in the pool. I have combined it with the Clinique mascara as I got this one as a free gift in a magazine and found it is amazing I have never known a mascara work so well  although I just could not afford to be buying this all the time.  I do however use Benefit browzings for my brows, as the powder like product is great for defining your brows and the gel counterpart is fab for setting your brows and tidying them up! Plus, I didn't actually have to pay for this, as my friend kindly gave me hers!
The blusher I use is a steal at just £2.99 and has lasted me 5 months now, despite being nearly gone now. I am not a fan of bronzers as I am always a little bit scared of it being patchy or too dark and in the wrong places, so I tend to use a bright blusher on my cheeks instead. As for contouring, I daren't even attempt it. The stay matte power is also only £3.98 depending on where you buy it, but as a simple powder to pop in your bag it is great for buffing away any oily patches during the day.
Finally, I completed my look with my new chubby stick! I think if you're a little wary of how bold your lipstick may come out once you apply it, chubby sticks are great for adding just a little colour and some gloss at the same time, mine is No7 shade "delicate pink" which gives a nice touch to finish your make up!
What do you think of my look? What makeup products are you using? Leave me a comment below :).  
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wish List!

Ultimate faux leather jacket, £58| Knitted fluffy crop jumper, £34| Little Mermaid print pyjama set, £22| MOTO intense blue Joni jeans, £36| Textured heart jumper, £36| Slubby tee, £16 (All Topshop)
Today I was in York shopping, and seeing people in their scarves, cardigans and coats made me think, what on earth? It's only the beginning of September! But whether we like it or not, it is time to realise that it is time to start transforming your wardrobe from Summer to the Autumn/ Winter season... or like me you'll be caught out in cropped denim jacket and gladiator sandals.
So this isn't technically my A/W14 wish list but in a couple of weeks I will be going to a student lock in at the Trinity shopping centre in Leeds, offering up to 25% off in all their stores... including Topshop! So it only makes sense to do a preliminary browse and create an actual wish list so you can dash in and grab what you want, right?
Anyway, my wish list focusses upon comfort and warmth, I am completely in love with this faux fur leather jacket, the quality is so amazing and as the leather is quite thick it will be sure to keep the warmth in, I also love the fur collar as it is also detachable for warmer months in Autumn.  These two jumpers are also particularly suited to autumnal weather, the pink heart textured jumper is a little thinner whereas the fluffy jumper is such a cute trend which has been carried through since last winter, I didn't get one last year and can't wait to get myself one now! The Joni jeans are on my wish list because although I have a pair of these, they are beginning to fade a little, they are so comfy and unlike other jeans... they never seem to go out of shape no matter how many times you wear them I love them!  The 'slubby top' is just such a causal essential, I love loungewear and I really like the lilac colour of this one! Finally, The Little Mermaid pj's are just too cute not to have, Topshop have a range of Disney pj's at the moment including Aladdin, The Lion King and also Toy Story, I need these Ariel ones so bad!
What is on your wish list at the moment? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Clothes Haul: Part 2

Rosemary Ribbed Peplum Cami Top White- £7.99- Missguided| Vanessa Pink Tailored Coat- £34.99- Missguided| Rorry Ponte Bardot Bodycon Dress Black- £9.99- Missguided
I am still amazed that I managed to pick up a coat, top and dress for just £50! My ripped jeans from Topshop were £42 themselves!! It just goes to show you can find items at online sites such as Missguided or Boohoo for a fraction of the cost of something from a  high street store such as River Island or Topshop for example.
I was thrilled when they arrived as I am always a little dubious about buying clothing online as sometimes I have a right carry on getting them to fit! But they all fitted me perfectly and I'm in love with them all! Firstly the peplum is just such a great piece all year round for any occasion I just love how great it makes your figure look whether you wear it casual with jeans or dressy with a cute skirt. The boyfriend coat is also a style which is very popular for autumn, admittedly it is not in the slightest bit waterproof but is really great for the transition from summer into autumn and the cold weather! Finally the dress is just a fantastic price at just £9.99, with starting uni again in a couple of weeks I need to stock up on my going out clothes and with off the shoulder designs being very on trend I actually found that it was a flattering style for me, you can never go wrong with a bodycon  LBD.
What have you all been buying recently? Have you found a bargain at Missguided? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Thursday, 4 September 2014


*There is no denying that every girl dreams of what their wedding will be like from being very young... I myself find that weddings are my guilty pleasure, I am an avid "Don't Tell The Bride" watcher, I love chick flicks like "Bridesmaids", "Bride Wars" and "27 Dresses" I just love the idea of perfecting every little detail from the dress to the table decorations to make it everything you ever wanted it to be, I can never resist taking a peek at the dresses in the window of wedding dress stores!
There is also no denying the cost of a wedding, and the dress is one of the most expensive aspects with a dress costing up to thousands of pounds! However, I have just come across an online dress retailer called AVIVA DRESS which specialises in Wedding Dresses , Prom Dresses, Mother of the bride outfits, Tiaras and veils, Formal Dresses and Evening Dresses for as little as £59.99! Yep, you heard right you can literally pick up a gorgeous wedding dress for less than £100!
You can find them online at and they are currently holding an up to 85% off sale on prom dresses and free delivery on orders over £199. I know we have just had prom season, but if it is your prom coming up next summer why not bag your dream dress now at a fraction of the price?! I have already had my prom 2 years ago, so I can't take advantage of this fab offer but I just love so many of them!
Wedding Dresses
I have always dreamed of a big princess dress, but I hope to have two dresses on my day *diva* haha, I would love to have a mermaid style dress for the evening and a big floaty princess style dress for during the day, I honestly wouldn't be able to choose between these dresses though.. you can find them all HERE.
People always say that you put your bridesmaids in simple crappy dresses to make sure they don't upstage the bride, however these dresses go completely against this! You can find them HERE.
My prom dress was lilac and princess style, you can find the most popular prom dresses of 2014 HERE.
Whatever your need, whether it be a wedding, prom, accessories or just an evening dress your looking for, AVIVA DRESS has you covered! Don't miss out on their 85% off sale it ends tomorrow! What do you think of the dresses? Leave me a comment below!  
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Clothes Haul: Part 1

If you're wondering why the post is titled 'part one' it is basically because I have also had an online spending spree, and I am still waiting for those items to be delivered... I have also just registered for a shopping student lock in for when I return to university in a couple of weeks! As you can imagine, the majority of my haul is from Topshop, but for once I have actually ventured out a little and found some fab pieces from New Look, Urban Outfitters and even George at ASDA.. I absolutely fell in love with this Pippa Lynn metallic skirt even though it is very out of my comfort zone, I love it! I have also been lusting after these ripped jeans for some time now they are an essential right now! For London Fashion week I am also planning to wear the lace top with the lace trim pelmet skirt and some new boots and leather jacket... let me know what you think girlies! :)
Pippa Lynn Cracked metallic skirt in silver- £45- Urban Outfitters   
MOTO Jamie black ripped jeans- £42- Topshop
Replica Mulberry Clutch- £30- (Local boutique)
Textured lace hem pelmet skirt- £36- Topshop
Scallop Lace crop tee- £36- Topshop
Berry scallop hem top- £12.99- New Look
Plain tee- £4- George at ASDA
What have you all been buying recently? Leave me a comment below! :)
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