Friday, 29 July 2016


 Yup, apparantly my birthday comes in parts now. Well it is my 21st so plenty of excuse to celebrate as much as I like! I had 3 weeks of celebrating, the first part I took a trip to London Zoo with Kyle, (he's living in Surrey now so exploring in London is super easy). I don't know if you have heard of the Sunset Safari at London Zoo, but it ran for quite a few weeks during June and July this year. Basically you visit the zoo between 6 and 10pm for just half the price of a usual ticket, to see the animals at night.

With animal themed acrobats, great food, and plenty of animal talks, the evening is the perfect time to visit the zoo as the sun goes down. The animals definitely behave differently at night, and although this is interesting, we didn't get to see the Gorilla's as it was there bed time, and some of the animals also weren't out and about at this time. Although I did get to see lions at their new enclosure! The whole evening was just lovely and I would totally recommend visiting next year!

On Saturday, we visited Portsmouth. We did in fact visit Portsmouth for my last birthday but the weather was literally awful. Thankfully this time it was absolutely wonderful sunshine! We didn't actually go to Portsmouth town, we went to the Harbour instead. Here, they have a brilliant designer outlet called Gunwharf Keys, accompanied by an array of food outlets and cinema complex (of course we went to see The Secret Life of Pets). A Saturday afternoon well spent.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016


This post is literally embarassingly late considering I actually went on holiday 2 months ago today! For once I actually decided to book last minute which was kinda stressful considering how unorganised I am, and that I had no money for new clothes and only 3 weeks until I flew! 

Last year we visited Lanzarote, so this year I thought, why not? Lets try one of the other Canary Islands. Thankfully we visited during a really amazing week of weather, and I don't know if you have ever visited... but Tenerife is a lot less windy than Lanzarote which was lovely, although at times it was a bit too hot to do anything! 

We stayed at the Riu Arecas hotel in Costa Adeje... although many people I know have visited the party resort of Playa Las Americas, we chose an over 18's hotel in one of the quieter resorts. Yup, i'm a total bore, and in hindsight perhaps a hotel full of the elderly wasn't the best when you're wanting to act like a child in the pool (lots of glares). However, the hotel was totally amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! 
I found that on this holiday most of our time was spent chilling around the pool, playing crazy golf, and walking along the beach. We also decided to visit a zoo- Loro Parque which had some absolutely wonderful animals, including whales and dolphins which was 100% the highlight of my holiday. We also visited Siam Park which was literally one of the best days ever, it is known as one of the best water parks in the world, and it certainly didn't dissapoint. Although we were ridiculously sunburt after a full day there, there was such a huge variety of rides which were amazing, but nope I did not ride the kamikaze. 
As this is a fashion blog, i've included some photos below so not only can you have a nosey, but you can also see some of the outfits I wore on holiday. Most of my clothes were actually from last year, and I took so much stuff I found myself having 3 outfit changes a day! Bring on New York in November.... 

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