Sunday, 31 August 2014

Confessions Of A Blogaholic

Okay well this is a little different from my usual sort of post, but having seen a couple of posts before I thought it was definitely time to share some of my blogging secrets, honestly this is so truthful its scary haha, if you do share any of my confessions let me know that I am not the only one! Also if you have any other confessions, leave me a comment! :)
1. Secretly we all think our blogs are going to be as big as Zoella... I think we need to lower our ambitions.
2. If we see one of the 'popular bloggers' raving about a new lipstick, and then see the same one in store, we justify spending £15 on that MAC lipstick (unnecessary purchase) because 'that blogger uses it'.
3. No matter how much we try to replicate that 'looking at the floor with our hand in our hair' pose, we tragically look back at the pictures taken by the tripod and weep.
4.We secretly enjoy #FF, even though there is absolutely no way it is acceptable for anyone to leave a comment on your blog asking for it.
5. #fbloggers #bbloggers #fblchat is our blogging hour to get our link out there, not actually to discuss the topic of 'which camera do you use to take your OOTD' posts.
6. We justify splurging our student loans on clothes because we wouldn't be a true fashion blogger if we did use it for an outfit post.
7. Ok, well I definitely need the real techniques brushes, that Rimmel foundation, 3 Essie nail polishes and a tangle teezer, oh and that chubby stick.. for review purposes obviously...
8. We have a strict blogging routine for 4 or 5 posts a week... until we need to catch up on our Gossip Girl box set or Corrie is about to start.
9. When we get that email from a brand asking to review a product we automatically get the 'who? me?' thoughts and feel absolutely fantastic.
10. We look at some trends (mainly vintage) which are absolutely hideous, but hey, we are true fashion bloggers, just suck it up and force yourself to like it.
11. We automatically assume that as soon as we post, our followers will flock to our blogs to read it... *2 new page views* 90% of them only followed your blog to enter your giveaway.
12. Oh that old free No7 moisturizer I never use, I MUST REVIW IT NOW.
13. And I haven't received tickets from all of those designers I emailed at LFW because?....
14. Spamming your blog link with a copy & pasted comment to anybody who is asking for links on Twitter, more possibilities of a follow right?
15. Saving your best clothes for an Outfit of the day post, reality is your actually sat in the house wearing old leggings and a crappy tee, you're not even going anywhere.
16. My first YouTube video will be perfection , cue 26 video snippets and 10 awkward moments where you forgot what you planned to say.
17. Worshipping magazines and relying on them to explain the new trends because in all honesty you have no bloody idea.
18. Buying "Elle Collections" or "LOVE" because you are a sophisticated fashionista keeping up with the designer collections... wait what the hell is all this?
19. Selling your clothes on Ebay and assuming you'll have the bids rolling in because really, you are a fashion blogger, so your clothes must be so trendy and in high demand. Nope, no bids on my New Look crop top bought in 2009...
20. Every once in a while we have no flipping idea of what to post about, so we seek inspiration from other bloggers... just like I did with this post..
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Friday, 29 August 2014


a Rafflecopter giveaway Yes I may have already reached the 500 mark but it's cause for celebration! I started Dream Love Live Fashion 2 years ago and back then I didn't even think I would have 5 followers nevermind 500! So, I thought I would offer a little giveaway of one of these beautiful white floral Geneva watches, in association with Arcus Accessories. You've heard me bang on about 'Depop', right? Well, this is where I came across @danica94 and her beautiful products, including; watches, hair accessories, jewellery and other bits and pieces perfect for complimenting your outfit! We decided that the white floral Geneva watch was particularly beautiful (you can find other alternatives on her Depop) and we wanted to give you the chance to win one yourself! It is still summer and florals are bang on trend right now which makes this watch perfect for accessorising any outfit right now! Arcus Accessories is a newly launched accessories online store and you can find their accessories on their Website , Blog , Facebook or on depop by following @danica94.

 The giveaway will last for 1 month and will end 12am on MONDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER! All entries will be checked to see that the rules are being followed, good luck! :)  
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I'm back from holiday!

I don't even think I have gone this long without blogging since I created it! It's been over what, two weeks?! But yes, I am back from my holiday, the first week of which I spent with my family in Disney Land Paris, and the second week (technically not really a holiday) I spend with my boyfriend in Guildford, (a whole load of long distance crap I won't go into)... but for me it basically meant a whole week of date nights, fab!
I know I am crazy for raving so much about Disney Land Paris but seriously, this was a big deal for me! This was my second time at Disney, although I don't count the first as it was only a day trip with school! But seriously, I am considering just moving to Disney and becoming a Disney princess, it's so cute being there and just being able to act like a child! It's also brilliant how you can walk around the place wearing a pair of huge and ridiculous Minnie Mouse ears on your head and nobody cares!
But yes, my second week was spent staying with my boyfriend who unfortunately had to work during the day, but we managed to spend the evenings eating out, going to the cinema and lounging in front of the tv with a pizza! One thing we learned this week... frozen strawberry dacquiri's are very very nice.
Anyway, not that I think that you will all be very interested in hearing about the crap I've been up too, here's a few pictures which are pretty self explanatory and probably more interesting that paragraphs of my story telling! What have you all been up to recently? Feel free to leave me a comment below lovelies! :)

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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Today is the day! I am literally like a small child at the moment because today I go on holiday... to DISNEY LAND. Not one of you can say that if you were going you wouldn't be excited! Hehe. Anyway as you can imagine there will be a certain lack of blogging from me over the next couple of weeks, I haven't just disappeared :')
So before I go I thought I would quickly share a little outfit of the day post with you. Admittedly it is nothing special but hey ho I'm very fond of this top! The one thing I do dislike about going on holiday is the travelling, and as I will be going via car and Eurostar it means a very long car journey from the North East, hmph.
I am wearing: AX Paris daisy Print zip back top, £12.99, ARK| Joni high waisted jeans, £36, Topshop
I particularly love this top as it is a way of looking summery, even if you are wearing black as the daisy print is so cute! (please excuse the creases) It also looks really lovely with high waist denim shorts, as for my jeans, I know that high waist tight jeans aren't always the most comfiest travel clothes option, but if any of you have these joni jeans you will know how comfy they really are, and the best thing is, you can wear them and wash them over and over and they won't stretch out of place!
What do you tend to wear for travelling? Leave me a comment below! :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Nail Polish Review: No7 Me Me Me

I'm wearing: No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour (Me Me Me), £6.00, Boots.
I just love reviewing beauty products, and in particular I love playing around with nail varnishes. I am definitely not one of those bloggers who is crazy good at designing different nail art for their nails every day of the week, in fact, I tend to wear the same colour for weeks on end before being bothered to change it! I actually got this one when I came across the buy one get one half price offer on No7 in Boots this week, I just loved the bold pink shade!
I must admit though that I was mortified to see the price of No7 products, I don't know about you but I just expected Boots own brand to be a little less pricey! This nail polish cost £6 which is affordable but their lipglosses cost around £9! Maybe I am just a cheapskate...
So, not only does this colour live up to its name 'Me Me Me' by standing out really well with just one coat, it also stays on really well with no chips so far! I also think that the bottle size is larger than the usual nail polish, I don't know maybe its just me. But anyway, I seriously recommend buying one of these in whatever shade, although being massively girly I had to have pink! If you would like to have a look at the other shades in their 'stay perfect' collection, you can find them on the Boots website HERE.
Have you tried No7 nail polishes? What is your favourite brand of nail polish? :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Mulberry Clutch... well replica

I have always been a bit sceptical about fake designer handbags and other accessories, as like any other teenage girl I always thought, "pfft, fakes? I'll be buying real designer"... yeah that's not happening haha.

I guess whenever I see someone with a gorgeous Celine handbag, a Moschino belt, an Alexander McQueen scarf or a Michael Kors purse I tend to stop to think, hmm is that real? Does she look rich? To be quite honest I can't even tell! A lot of replicas now are such great quality and really do look genuine, however it is also fair to say that some people do pick up some really bad replicas from their holiday in Turkey... in fact a friend of mine once picked up some 'Rayberrys' and a fake Rolex froma a lucky lucky man in Spain aha, not  a fan!

Anyway, I have already told you that I love using the app 'depop' and although I came across quite a few sellers on their selling replicas for around £50, I was definitely not prepared to pay that much. However, I found a very good seller of Mulberry replicas for just £20.

My clutch is a replica of the Mulberry Daria clutch, and obviously there are aspects of it which are nothing like the real clutch, but I must say that this is such a high quality bag! For the price you really can't go wrong... Although I won't be a regular fake designer buyer, I am so pleased with this one and if you would like the find them on Depop, the seller is called @mattm1980.

So , what is your opinion of replicas and fakes? Is it okay as a one off to buy one? Or is it just better to save for the real designer? :)

....btw... my Michael Kors watch in the picture is 100% legit haha.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mini Shoe Haul

Just a very quick post to share with you the absolute beauties which are my new shoesies. Honestly I am in love with them! First of all, I was rummaging around in the New Look sale racks and didn't really come across anything that took my fancy until I hit the shoe racks. Where I found the gladiator sandal style flatforms with cleated soles, I am a huge fan of flatforms, and although I already have some from Topshop, they aren't like these... *makes excuses to justify shoe buying*, but these style of shoes are just so popular at the moment I just had to grab a pair! They were originally £29.99 and now reduced to £14.

Secondly, I found the pair on the left, which I don't really know how to describe apart from a peep- toe cleated soled, cut out ankle strapped boot type thing.. you get my drift? I particularly liked these ones even though they aren't in the sale, I have been wearing my cut out boots for so long, that I do think it is time to ditch them for the summer, and I kind of think these might be a little more appropriate as they are more open, they are the comfiest shoes ever!

If you would like to see them in more detail you can find some similar flatform gladiator sandals HERE (they don't seem to have the black ones online), and you can find the shoe boots HERE which retail for £29.99.

What have you been buying recently? Leave me a comment below! :)