Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trick or treat?

1. Lace ears- £7| 2. Layered mesh prom skirt- £75| 3. Flocked sequin bodycon dress, £68| 4. Asymmetric dipped hem vest, £32| 5. Velvet body, £25| 6. Lace bodycon tunic, £36| 7. Halloween scruchie, £4| 8. Black webbed tights, £8.50| 9. Sequin bat mask, £7| 10. Monster bandage bodycon dress, £29.
 Okay, I know Halloween is actually tomorrow, but the main reason as to why I wanted to share this with you now was to give you a little last minute inspo if like me you have left your Halloween outfit till the very last minute, and are completely clueless on how to create an outfit. However if you are looking for costume inspiration then you have come to the wrong place, I am absolutely useless when it comes to dressing up!
If you don't want to feel silly and go out wearing some crazy witch cape or zombie mask, but you are still going on a Halloween night out like me, why not just dress like normal, but with a little Halloween twist, that way you aren't wasting money on an outfit you won't even wear again until next year! It makes a lot more sense to just buy a mask, fake blood or some cat ears for a couple of pounds and an outfit you can wear for many night outs to come, doesn't it?
I always struggle when it comes to finding an outfit, so I tend to go all black and gothy, but if you want to go the whole hog, sites like Missguided and Topshop have outfits especially Halloween themed, for example this monster bandage bodycon dress from Topshop, it is fab! Or why not try this layered mesh prom skirt, even just the texture makes it perfect for dressing up, but you could wear it again and again! I particularly love this lace body con tunic and the velvet body, because the bottle green colour is so unusual and a great colour for autumn, whereas the eyelash lace adds that extra 'halloweeny' touch, just like this velvet body which could double up as a Christmas party outfit.... look out for textures and colours when it comes to dressing for Halloween, there is so many ways to incorporate the theme without having to dress up in a ridiculous costume.
I am a very big fan of Halloween accessories, these are even perfect for day to day wear in the Halloween season, for example the scrunchie and even spider socks are such cute accessories. Finally, if you are looking for masks and ears etc, I would personally recommend Claires Accessories, they have everything you need for dressing for Halloween on a budget, Topshop's range is a little more expensive but I absolutely love this bat mask! I splurged £14 on a Topshop mask last year however so I will not be spending a penny more!
Don't forget to over do the fake blood, I hope you have a fab Halloween and would love to know what you have planned, leave me a comment below! :) 
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Monday, 27 October 2014

It's all about fluff!

1. Knitted fluffy crop jumper, £34, Topshop| 2. PETITE Faux fur hem shell top, £34, Topshop| 3. Faux fur Cossack, £22, Topshop| 4. Disco fluff jumper, £40, Topshop| 5. Clutch bag with all over marabou, £15, Topshop| 6. RABBIT Faux fur fluffy sandals, £58, Topshop| 7. Ultra fluffy mitten, £3, ASOS| 8. Oversized fluffy scarf, £15, ASOS| 9. Feather beanie hat, £13, River Island| 10. Ashlyn fluffy knit mini skirt black, £14.99, Missguided.
This is one of the most exciting trends I have come across in the past year, you have no idea how excited I am that fluff is in fashion. That's right, fluffy bags, mittens, hats, jumpers, skirts and even shoes are now socially acceptable to wear, as all things fluffy are really on trend right now!
This trend is definitely one that you are either about to love or hate, the girly girls among us will be very excited to wear this trend, although the more tomboy chic of you may absolutely hate the thought of anything fluffy... I would love to know what you all think! Personally, I kind of do think that all things fluffy are a little OTT, but at the same time it is just too fabulous not to wear it while we can! In particular I have a secret love for those fluffy shoes, there are so many of them around at the moment and when I showed my housemate her instant reaction was... "they are like, prostitute shoes" I may be holding off on this purchase for now, aha.
As for the fluffy mittens, hats, scarf and bag, these are just such cute and cosy accessories if you don't want to go the whole hog with this trend, instead, adding a little bit of the fluff trend to your outfit. Number 1 and 2, I happened to have bought this morning. I have wanted the Topshop cream fluffy jumper for so long and it finally came back in stock this morning so I grabbed the last one... felt so good haha. I have also been after number 2 for such a long time, I saw the top version in Oxford Street about a month ago, had it in my hand in my size until my boyfriend decided to express his dislike for it and made me put it back... little did he know he would be going to London Topshop for the foreseeable future looking for it until I got it, unfortunately I haven't seen it back in stock but they do have a dress version and then this shell top, I can't resist the faux fur fluffy hem! Possible Christmas day outfit of course....
What do you think of the fluff trend? Have you bought anything fluffy? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

OOTD: Metallics

I'm wearing: Boucle lurex top, £36, Topshop| MOTO Ripped black wash Jamie jeans, £42, Topshop| White strappy vest top, £2.99, New Look| Pink tartan wool scarf, £5, Primark| Faux fur collar leather biker jacket, Topshop
 Okay, this is my first proper OOTD post, so please excuse my awkward poses and terrible use of my tripod, I gave it a go okay?! Oh, and I also thought I would experiment with the black and white filter on a new photo editing site I found recently which explains my mixture of photo effects! Oops.  I have been waiting for quite a few weeks now for the weather to become a little colder so that I could wear my new metallic jumper (it is classed as a top but really is much like a jumper), my boyfriend bought me this as a treat recently as I really couldn't resist the metallic, I am a sucker for anything shiny and glittery... I definitely must have been a magpie in a past life.
I really am delighted that metallics are yet again another key trend for this season, so glittery and shiny it is really starting to get me in the mood for Christmas! Whether its dresses, tops, skirts or jumpers there are a lot of metallics on the high street at the moment if like me you are a lover of all things shiny! If you aren't, then there are also many other ways to incorporate this trend into any outfit, whether it be an accessory or even just a gold plaque on your winter boots!
So, as it was an especially cold day for uni yesterday I decided I would combine my metallic jumper with my MOTO Jamie jeans, I think it is still suitable to wear ripped jeans don't you? I also wore my trusty leather jacket (I got this from Topshop around 2 years ago) and then wore my new River Island winter boots and finally my new Primark tartan scarf. Honestly this scarf is amazing, for £5 it is so cosy and warm, and is quite thick as well to protect you from the wind and rain, it really has been my life saver during this past week.
Not a very long post today as there isn't really that much I can say about an outfit aha! What have you all been buying recently, what is your perfect outfit for the autumn weather? Leave me a comment below! :)  
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nicole X Missguided: The new collection

(left to right)
Cut out chain detail dress white, £40| Cut out long sleeve midi dress black, £40| Quilted A-line mini skirt, £20| Sequin crop top, £25| Low back strappy midi dress black, £25| Wet look croc bandeau dress, £35| Cut out crop top white, £20| Wet look croc crop top, £20| Exposed zip crop top red, £20| Cut out midi skirt black, £25
I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when it was revealed that Nicole was going to be creating a second Nicole X collection for Missguided, honestly in my opinion, I think it is actually better than the first one, do you all agree? I just think that although the second collection is just as monochrome as the last one, I do think there is more colour and more texture in this collection, for example the quilted A-line skirt, croc, wet look and sequin materials are so lovely and are very much on trend.
With regards to the price, this collection is so affordable! Considering you'll be able to wear this lot over and over again, and for so many different occasions! In particular, I love the sequin two-piece, the quilted A-line mini skirt and the wet look croc bandeau dress which can all be found HERE .
 The only thing I have to complain about this collection is that Nicole is seriously making me feel self conscious, diet and gym it is! Honestly her figure is incredible! Very envious right now. What I do love about this collection though is that the range is a bit revealing; with the cut outs, cropped style, figure hugging silhouettes and plunging necklines, the pieces still look so elegant! Absolutely wish I could just have it all.
There is so so so much more of the range on the Missguided website, so I have just included some of my absolute favourites from the range, it's safe to say I will most certainly be making a few purchases very soon! Have you bought anything from the range yet? What's your fave item from the collection? Leave me a comment below! :) 
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Topshop: Pick of the sale

 1. Crotchet flower detail shell top, £18| 2. Knitted fluffy crop jumper, £25| 3. Leather woven panel luggage bag, £55| 4. Eyelash lace tee, £18| 5. Dark tropical floral all in one, £15| 6. SASSY platform shoes, £30| 7. Floral print crop overlay dress, £18| 8. Limited edition prom skort, £25| 9. Rhinestone deer necklace, £8.50| 10. Heart print PJ set, £12
 My most happy days are when Topshop announces that they are having a sale, however when I was writing this post and giving the prices for some of my favourite sale items, it actually made me realise how ridiculously priced Topshop actually is, their sale prices are what they should be charging, and are what other shops charge.. oh well, hey ho I know I'm still shopping their every week!
If I am honest, there isn't really a lot in the sale that caught my eye, I think mid-season sales can always be a little bit hit and miss at times, as it's basically all of their stock which isn't really suitable to wear now, and therefore pointless to buy. I have however managed to find some of my best picks to share with you, including jewellery. There is no mistaking the fact that Topshop's jewellery is stupidly priced, however now a lot of it is in the sale I want to make the most of the low prices! Well, jewellery is never seasonal really, is it?
Numbers 5 and 7 will be perfect for summer, and although I think we should all be focussing on revamping our autumn wardrobes right now, it does pay to buy your summer essentials now, this dress and jumpsuit are so so cute and are such a bargain, snap these up in time for your summer wardrobe next year! One of my favourites on this list is the crop fluffy jumper, if they had the cream one in the sale I would most certainly have bought this by now, it is such a cute jumper for autumn and super cosy! Number 4, the eyelash lace tee, upsets me a little as literally less than a week ago I paid full wack for it at double the price :(. My housemate experienced this same heartbreak, as she paid £90 for the bag (number 2) which is now in store for just £55! Has this happened to any of you? It is the worst!
As for the pyjamas, skort and crotchet shell top, I just think the sale is the perfect time to buy things like this, there is no point paying full price for pyjamas or going out clothes in my opinion as you can wear them over an over and mix and match without having to have what's necessarily "on trend for this season".  
Finally, I ADORE these shoes, although I have been told multiple times that I have a pair of shoes just like this, A. They aren't Topshop B. These ones are 2" higher C. This pair has tassles on the front and D. The heel is a different material. So yep, I will be making a purchase, seriously £30 for Topshop heels? A bargain not to be missed!
Have you bought or seen anything that you like in the Topshop sale? Leave me a comment below, and remember it's up to 50% Off, don't miss out! :)  
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Monday, 20 October 2014

OOTD: Autumnal Vibes

 I'm wearing: Moto black ripped Jamie jeans, £42, Topshop| Lace hem crop top, £28, Topshop| Red tartan banket scarf, £15, River Island| Black snake panel black block ankle boots, £38, River Island| Faux fur leather jacket, Topshop
Okay so this outfit was actually a couple of days ago but hey ho, I still wanted to share! I was so so excited on friday as I was going home for the first time since going back to uni this year (I live in Durham but go to uni in Leeds) and honestly I was just so so so excited to go back to see my kittens, no word of a lie, as cringey as it sounds the reason I was going home was for their 1st birthday... am I the only crazy cat lady who would do that, or are there more of you out there?! 

So, I think I can safely say that we are definitely into the autumn season now, I have been so so excited to grab my cosy jumpers, gloves and scarf  I think it is so fun transforming your wardrobe ready for the new season! The main reason I wanted to share this outfit with you is because 2 of the items I only just bought this week, firstly the lace hem jumper was in the Topshop sale this week... you can't really see the colour very well but it is baby pink and 3/4 sleeve, and seen as it can be warm at times during the autumn, it isn't really very thick, it is a light and fluffy but still cosy fabric which makes it perfect for this season! Secondly, I bought this tartan scarf from River Island, if any of you have been reading my recent posts you will know that I have already got a baby pink tartan scarf, but it is a lot thicker than this one. The main reason I bought this one is for the colour, I am not a fan of bold red tartan but this is more of a cranberry/ burgundy which is my ultimate fave, it is also very soft but is quite light which means it isn't too hot for the current weather. 

As for the ripped jeans, I will not stop wearing these until at least late November, there's nothing wrong with having your knees out at this time of year! Hahaha. These jeans are so so popular at the moment so I guess I will just wait until other people stop wearing them! The leather jacket accompanys almost every outfit I wear, I bought this one around 2 years ago from Topshop and I just find that it is such a great staple piece which should be in everybody's wardrobe, honestly it goes with anything! Similarly, my winter boots also make a great addition to most outfits!

What do you think of my outfit? What have you all been wearing this season? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Friday, 17 October 2014

LUSH Cosmetics

Firstly, I have a little, slightly embarrassing story to share with you... Ok, I was browsing the products in LUSH, when I came across these gorgeous Star Light, Star Bright bath bombs, so of course, just like with every other product, I picked it up to smell it (it smelt absolutely amazing), but as I smelt it, I managed to blow a hell of a lot of glitter all over my face, hair and top... very embarrassing as I had to spend the rest of my afternoon walking around town like flipping Tinkerbell!
Anyway, I decided to have a little look in LUSH, as although I never tend to buy anything from there, I do like to have a smell of all the beautiful products in there. Recently I have heard so much hype around LUSH's new Christmas collection and I must say it is not disappointing! In particular, my favourite was the Star Light, Star Bright bath bombs which only cost £3.50 each. I am also a massive fan of the Golden Pumpkin and Wizard bath bombs, all of their products are simply amazing. I must say though, my all time favourite scented product at LUSH is the RockStar hand and body soap at £3.40 it is so beautiful!
No matter what you're looking for, LUSH Cosmetics will have something to suit everyone, their bath bombs and soaps are particularly nice but they have many other bits and pieces to offer, plus everything smells delightful, is handmade and is ethical, what's not to like?
Do you use LUSH products? Which is your favourite? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Neutral Palletes: Kim Kardashian

Alycia Fluffy knit cropped jumper , £14.99, Missguided| Monki Duster coat, £50, ASOS| Penny metal arm sunglasses, £16, Topshop| Steve Madden Immence suede strappy high stiletto heel sandals, £75, John Lewis| Textured midi skirt by Rare, £20, Topshop. 
Kim Kardashian is typically known for her monochrome style choices, but this time she's opted for a neutral palette of colours with this ever so flattering outfit. Her outfit is so on trend and autumn ready, plus the pastel colours really compliment each other. While out shopping with Kanye, Kim was spotted wearing a pink silk duster coat which are ridiculously popular at the moment, there are no shortages of duster/ trench coats on the high street at the moment and I particularly love this Monki one which can be found at ASOS.
The two piece she is wearing has been effortlessly styled, whilst sticking to her much loved white colours, the fabric is thicker with a fluffy textured touch to it which is great for the colder months in autumn, whilst baring her toned and tanned tum. As for her shoes, these Aquazzura £415 nude heels are probably out of your budget, but these Steve Madden stilletos are a good match, nude shoes are certainly a smart buy as you will get a lot of wear from them! As for the sunglasses, a typical A-lister accessory, and if you fancy hiding away behind some black sunnies, go for it!
I have tried to compile a look- a- like outfit with some pieces more suited to a high street budget so we can all replicate Kim's look for less, what do you think of my finds and her look? Leave me a comment below! :)
*Images from & respective websites.
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Top Picks: Winter Coats

 1. Tweed faux fur collar coat, £95, Warehouse| 2. Faux fur teddy coat, £79, Topshop| 3. Slouchy coat in texture, £75, ASOS| 4. Pink two-tone wool-blend oversized coat, £90, River Island| 5. Black faux fur collar biker coat, £80, River Island| 6. Faux fur pony fur coat, £90, Warehouse| 7. Red pocket front collarless coat, £49.99, New Look| 8. Lena cocoon coat mustard, £39.99, Missguided| 9. Ultimate faux leather biker jacket, £58, Topshop| 10. Short padded parka jacket, £78, Topshop.
Just like my winter boots top picks post, I have decided to put a little post together for you to help you choose your new winter coat! It is getting into that time of year when the weather gets so cold, and it's time to transition your style ready for the A/W14 season, there are so so many different styles of coat out there I thought I would share with you some of the key trends to follow this season!
Textures- It is all about the texture this season, whether its fluff, fur, teddy or wool, you will not be able to avoid textures, find what suits you and go with it!
Cocoon- There is absolutely nothing better than a cosy winter coat, when the cold months come you will be snug as a bug in these cocoon coats, a vintage style which is very much on trend.
Collarless- Collars are making a big impact in fashion right now, whether it is statement collars or none at all, coats are taking a vintage twist with the collarless trend!
Colour-  It is not just the pastels which are on trend right now, there are many bold and unusual colours to choose from when it comes to buying a coat, whether it's red, burgundy, green or mustard there are some gorge colours out there!
Boyfriend- The boyfriend coat is a timeless classic, one which will be around for many seasons to come, oversized boyfriend coats are super cosy and look great at the same time!
The parka- This may not be the most flattering or fashionable coat, but the parka has been adapted into so many new styles, whether it is a classic khaki parka or a navy one with an eskimo hood (number 10) this is one of the best coats to wear in horrible winter weather, durable in the wind, cold and rain!
Teddy- The teddy bear coat is much loved and very popular right now, super cosy and so cute, I am a massive fan of this style of coat.
Faux fur- An ultimate coat or jacket accessory.
Leather- The leather jacket is an ultimate staple piece, they are certainly an investment piece which you can wear over and over, for most seasons, every year, I live in mine!
Have you got your winter coat yet? Which is your fave? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Top Picks: Winter Boots

1. Black snake panel block heel ankle boots, £38, River Island| 2. Black platform Chelsea boots, £40, River Island| 3. Burgundy contrast split side Chelsea shoe boots, £24.99, New Look| 4. Chunky cut out boots, £29.99, New Look| 5. Apollo gold heel boot, £34.99, Ark| 6. Garnet super Chelsea boot, £34.99, Ark| 7. HARLEY double zip ankle boots, £75, Topshop| 8. New Look Wide Fit Aggro heeled ankle boots, £29.99, ASOS| 9. River Island chunky wood stack heeled ankle boots, £85, ASOS.
The reason behind this post is simply because I had an absolute nightmare last week trying to find some decent winter boots to buy! Is it just me, or is it whenever you aren't looking to buy anything, you see everything that you like, a couple weeks later when you actually come to buy something you can't get hold of anything you want! With the sudden change in weather I think it is high time I put my open toe platforms back into the wardrobe ready for next summer and wack out the winter boots.. oh wait my boots from last winter are a disgraceful mess.
So, when it came to looking for some new ones, I literally just thought to myself, there is no way I am even going to bother looking in Topshop because the shoes are waaaaaay out of my price range, like seriously, £75 for boots? Nuh uh. In the end I managed to pick up some lovely snake skin chunky boots with a side zip  from River Island for under £40! (Number 1 on my list). My friend (bad shopping influence and avid destroyer of my bank balance) also picked up some new winter boots, (number 2), some gorgeous platform Chelsea boots, honestly this style of boots are everywhere right now and are set to be so popular this season so grab a pair while you can! Unfortunately I can't as it would be wrong to buy a similar pair of boots as your friend, wouldn't it?...
I really do hope that if like me, you have been struggling to find some boots for the new season, that this list might help you out a little bit, or at least point you in the right direction! Honestly I think the places which have the best collections at the moment are New Look, River Island, Topshop and Ark so go have a look!
Have you bagged your new winter boots yet? What have you been looking for and have struggled to find on the high street recently? Let me know! :)
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Models Own Pop Up

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of nail varnish, it's not that I am not completely transfixed and in love with all of the nail varnish shades that I find, it is just that I don't have the time to re- paint my nails a different colour, I am 100% guilty of keeping the same nail polish colour on for weeks and even months at a time... I know, so bad. When it comes to nail art I haven't even attempted it, way too time consuming and complicated!
Anyway, I must admit that when I visited The White Rose shopping centre in Leeds the other day, I was very excited to see the Models Own pop up! We were invited in and were met with row upon row of colour coordinated polishes, honestly my mind is blown at how many shades of pink polish you could possibly have... Honestly, if I do ever buy nail varnish it does actually tend to be Models Own, although they are £5 + plus, in comparison to other brands such as Essie, Revlon and Sally Hansen, they are well worth it!
The thing I love best about Models Own is that they have so many different collections, at the moment I am particularly obsessed with the diamond luxe collection, the nail polishes contain actual diamond dust and the colours are simply beautiful! I will definitely be putting a couple of them on my wish list! Not only did we get a free Models Own mirror, they also had an offer of 6 nail polishes for £20, which saves you £10! Although I was tempted to grab handfuls of bottles I am desperately trying to cut back on my spending so I didn't actually buy anything, but if you come across the pop up in a shopping centre near you I highly suggest you snap up their fantastic offer!
Have you seen the Models Own pop up yet? What is your favourite nail varnish brand?
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Wardrobe Haul

Sheer Star embellished body, £25, Topshop| Metallic Top, £17.99 New Look| TFNC textured collar sheer top, £25, Topshop| Embellished necklace jumper, £14, Primark| Cream boxy top, £12.99, New Look| Lace cream tee, £16, Topshop| Lilac chiffon shirt, £20, Dorothy Perkins| Scallop hem dusky pink top, £12.99, New Look
Beth Felt zip front A-line skirt off white, £19.99, Missguided| Glitter wrap skirt, £32, Topshop| Tartan pink scarf, £5, Primark, Bunny pyjama bottoms, £5, Primark| Chunky leather side zip boots, £38, River Island| Textured cream top, £12.99, H & M| Velvet side handbag, £34.99, H&M
Fluffy cream dressing gown, £14.99, New Look| Bellissimo Glitter Lips set, £13, Bellisimo at Topshop
When I was taking the pictures for this post I was literally horrified at the realisation of how many new things I have bought in the past 2 WEEKS, yep, 2 weeks... It isn't good, and neither is my bank balance. I can safely say that I have certainly taken advantage of the student lock ins, 20% student discounts and free time between uni sessions to go shopping and pick up some bargains. There really is no excuse for the amount of stuff I have bought, but honestly this was my autumn haul, I did seriously need to revamp my wardrobe in time for the colder months, is it just me or has it suddenly got really cold!?
There is no way I am going to talk through every one of these items to try and justify my spending, or this post would be a mile long, however I did need some new tees, I really did only have summer tops which were not appropriate at all... similarly I have needed to stock up on some cosy bits and pieces including my dressing gown (my heating is off), scarf (I actually bought this off my friend as I loved it so much) and this Primark jumper which I am actually really impressed with, it is great quality! I was also in desperate need of some new winter boots, so hey ho I ended up with these beauties.
As for the skirts, glitter lips set, body, handbag... these were such impulse buys which I couldn't resist, you know when you see something which is fresh into the store and you instantly know that it's going to be popular? Well seeing as though I literally go shopping every day I notice these things, which is why you should always bag something you love while you can! Remember girlies, nothing haunts you more than a item of clothing you chose not to buy...
In my defence 2 or 3 of these things were bought by my boyfriend AND I got 10/20% discount off the majority of all of this so I guess it isn't as bad. The Bellisimo lip glitter kit was one of my favourite purchases I cant wait to try it out! Although it was £13, the concession stand was only in Topshop over the weekend so I had to get it while I could, check back in a few days to see my review of it!
So, what have you all been buying recently? If you have a student loan, how much of it do you actually have left of it right now haha? What do you think of my autumn wardrobe haul? Leave me a comment below! :)
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Thursday, 9 October 2014

This Week's Wishlist

 Knitted fluffy crop jumper, £34, Topshop| Faux Leather Biker jacket, £58, Topshop| My Little Pony pyjama set, £22, Topshop| Black platform sandals, £20, Primark| Light blue jacquard pyjama shorts, £14, River Island| Light pink metallic split back jumper, £30, River Island
 If there is anybody who shouldn't be allowed to make a weekly wish list right now, it's me. Honestly, you have no idea how much I have actually spent this week, and last week, and the week before... well, in a few days time you will when I upload my "recent buys" post, which is truly shocking. I will admit thank of late I have gotten a bit carried away with 20% student discounts, shopping lock in's and gaps between lectures and I have managed to spend a good chunk of my student loan on my new Autumn wardrobe. In my defence, the weather has literally gotten so cold recently out of nowhere, hence why I have had to revamp my entire wardrobe with new jeans, winter boots, jumpers and tees to name a few. But I pinky promise myself, once I have completed this wish list I will be happy! I will literally have to stop buying for a few weeks to cover the cost of what I have already spent but hey ho, I bet I'm not the only shop-a-holic... (my friends are just as bad as me, and very bad influences on my spending habits!).
So, this wish list is basically my winter comforts, I have literally wanted this cream fluffy jumper for the past year but never got round to buying it last winter, the other jumper is so cute, you can't really tell from the picture but it is kind of glittery as it has metallic thread in it and an open back, honestly right up my street! This leather jacket is definitely a statement piece, my current leather jacket is a bit worn now so I think it's time for a new one, the fur collar is such a great accessory for winter too. As for the Primark shoes, I really think these are such good quality and not a bad price to pay, I am not usually a fan of Primark but I must admit that these have most certainly caught my eye. Finally, the pyjamas are a must have, I have a little obsession going on at the moment with cute pyjamas and these are top of my list right now!
What is on your wish list at the moment? Check back in a couple of days to see my huge autumn haul. :)  
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Okay, so this post is a little late, but I thought I might as well still announce the winner of my giveaway! Daisy Walters from won the white Geneva floral watch which I am completely in love with, but I am so glad that she likes it! Her blog is really lovely and you can find her on Instagram , Twitter , Bloglovin and YouTube!
Have any of you got any giveaways at the moment? I would love to enter! Leave me some links below :)
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Friday, 3 October 2014

My Freshers Outfits!

Just a quick post as I thought that I would share with you the outfits that I wore for freshers week! Honestly, I never ever make an effort for nights out, my last freshers literally consisted of wearing disco pants and a cami so after buying so much new stuff this summer, I decided to actually make an effort this year!
I have to admit, I am the worst when it comes to buying nice clothes, it's like I just want to preserve them, I'm literally just so scared of some idiot spilling a drink on me or something getting dirty! So yeah, I end up just wearing the same things over and over because all of my nice bits and bobs are safe in my wardrobe!
Outfit 1: Dogtooth skirt- £22- Topshop/ Shoe ankle boots- £29.99- New Look/ Mesh crop top (part of a set)- £30- Stylish
Outfit 2: Off the shoulder black mini dress- £9.99- Missguided/ Ankle cut out boots- £35- ARK
Outfit 3: Lace bralet- £22- Topshop/ Velvet A-line skirt- £32- Topshop/ Cut out ankle boots- £35- ARK
If you were wondering, the reason why I only have 3 outfits is because I mixed and matched the rest of the week hehe, what is your fave night out outfit? Did you go to freshers? What did you wear? Leave me a comment below! :)
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