Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Accessory of the day!

Who doesn't love to accessorize? I am honestly an addict. I always like to accessorize my outfits with watches, earrings, bracelets, bangles and rings as they are perfect for transforming an outfit. Anyway, my accessory of the day is the gem, chain and ribbon necklace below, which was a Christmas present from my cousins :) As you will have noticed, the high-street is full of jumpers embellished with necklaces, they are such a key trend this season as well as chunky chain necklaces, however as I don't have one of these jumpers yet, I had to improvise with today's outfit! :)

My Christmas in pictures...

Just a quick post to share with you my take on 'my week in pictures' and instead, I'm sharing with you an insight to what my Christmas was like! It always interests me to find out what other people get up too over the festive season so feel free to leave me a comment below :)
So, an explanation of my pictures... Judging by the festive Santa hat you can tell I am crazy about Christmas and started my festivities wayyyyy back in November! Hehe, following these are my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures, including; Christmas morning, Christmas dinner, my amazing kittens opening their prezzies, a cheeky picture of my Christmas Day outfit, everyone needs one right? and one of my favourite presents, my new Michael Kors watch, I absolutely adore it. Also I have included a picture of my gingerbread creation! Such a tricky job, but I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house, yet never really got round to it, soooo much fun! :) Lastly is my plan for New Year's Eve, might not be everyone's idea of fun, but I'd rather watch my way through my favourite Christmas DVDs collection! Hope you all had a great Christmas, have an awesome 2014! :)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmassy bargain...

Today I finally took a trip to a shopping centre to have a little browse of the sales, wanna know my secret? Although I adore shopping and fashion I hate sales. I do love a bargain but I cannot be bothered to sift through rails and racks of last seasons clothes that nobody wants... Hence why they are in the sale...it is also always super busy! Today though I found the most perfect item. Reindeer print jogging bottoms, with silver glitter and red gems, being the Christmas obsessed girl I am I had already spotted these at Topshop before Christmas but refused to pay £35, so today when I spotted them for just £15, just by chance, I had to buy them! Loveeee them! Moral of the story, give the sales a chance...
Reindeer jogging bottoms-WAS £35 NOW £15- Topshop

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Wish List!

Oh my gosh, it's Christmas eve eve already! Whatttt?! I cannot believe it's here already! I am super excited and have recently made a Christmas present wish list... Excuse my recent lack of blogging I have had exams and assignments and generally been very busy but I promise I am going to keep my blog up while I'm home for Christmas. Below I have my wish list to share with you, some things I have asked for, and others I really wish I had, hehe. What have you asked for this Christmas, or what presents will you be giving this Christmas? Leave me a comment below! Have an amazing Christmas all of you :)
1. Michael Kors Rose gold plated chronograph watch- £229- ASOS (and many high-street jewellers)
2. Temmey crystal bow purse- £65- Ted Baker
3. Reindeer charm- £30- Pandora
4. Yasmeen metallic bow pink phone sleeve- £29- Ted Baker
5. Mirror ball (hot stuff) nail varnish- £5- Models Own
6. Knitted rib curve red berry jumper- £36- Topshop
7.Creme sheen crème cup lipstick- £15- MAC
8. Clear clutch with pink glitter internal purse- £30- ASOS
9. Mini heart tag earrings- £105- Tiffany & Co.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Nails: Silver Fox

Eugh I have had soooo much on recently it's unreal! Like seriously, why does my University insist on doing exams before Christmas? I literally feel like I have missed the whole build up to Christmas :( Anyways, between revision the other day I decided to perk myself up a but and add a little sparkly nail varnish to my finger nails to make me feel a little more Christmassy, who doesn't love glitter?! The one I am wearing below is a Models Own polish (Shade NPQ07- Silver Fox) which retails at £5 in the glitter collection which is available online at the Models Own Website and at some Boots stores. I personally love Models Own nail varnish as they have so many lovely nail varnish collections from glitter, to wonderland, fireworks to pastels, beetlejuice to neon, their shades are gorgeous and there is most certainly one out there to suit everyone! From the glitter collection I also have the pink, gold and purple polishes and I have found they work particularly well whether adding a little glitter on top of a normal colour or whether adding a couple of coats of glitter to achiever a super sparkly look, this glitter polish works so well! I definitely recommend this one because it isn't too watery like some and the glitter actually shows up, love it!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Oh My Gosh!- Babyliss Curl Secret Styler

As you can probably guess from my blog title, I am pretty excited and surprised right now. This morning I was watching TV show This Morning and saw them doing a hair demonstration, the product they used was Babyliss Pro perfect curl styler, (the salon version of Babyliss curl secret styler.)Wow, is all I can  say. All of those times you burnt your finger on a curling wand, sat for over an hour trying the curl your whole head of hair, those times one strand just refused to co-operate? Never again. With this product you simply place it at any length of the hair depending on where you want the curl to start, and it literally sucks your hair up, and after 4 bleeps et voila! the curl is done. When I told my boyfriend about this his response was simply "Your not buying a hoover for your hair" aha, so true. The thing is though, whereas the Babyliss curl secret styler retails around £120, the pro perfect curl styler salon version retails at around £170, meaning that they are very costly compared to other stylers on the high-street, I have also been browsing blogs and found that although the pro perfect curl styler has 3 heat settings, 3 timing settings and has a setting for a rightward/ leftward or alternated curl, the Babyless curl secret styler only has 2 heat settings, 3 timer settings and always alternates the curl. Question is, which is best? I most certainly cannot wait to buy one of these amazing new gadgets but which one? If anyone of you have tried this product and have a preference please let me know, help! For those of you have not seen this product in action, I have included a video of the Babyliss Pro perfect curl styler below...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Brand of the week: Pandora

Honestly, this could well be my favourite jewellery brand, (besides Tiffany & Co. and Swarovski). There is just something about Pandora that is so amazing! They have so many different collections and sell all manners of jewellery priced from low to high, and my favourite Pandora product has to be their charm bracelets. No matter what your into, what you like, Pandora has so many different charms to suit, they are perfect for signifying little memories and I just love to build mine full of charms that mean something to me, whether they are a gift or a little treat from me! Below is my two Pandora rings, one being my birthstone ring I got as a present for my 18th and the other a little gift from my boyfriend. Below is also my Pandora bracelet, despite being bought this by a boyfriend 2 Christmases ago it isn't particularly full! I like to keep my bracelet girly and sparkly, I'm such a fan of the flower clip, fairy and cupcake! I have also included my pick of their new "Christmas Collection" the charms are gorgeous, I absolutely love Christmas, and cannot wait to add a one or two of these to my bracelet! Do you have a Pandora charm bracelet? What are your favourite charms? :)

*Images from www.pandora.net

1. Christmas Tree charm- £40
2. Reindeer charm- £30
3. Father Christmas charm- £45
4. Snowflake clip- £50
5. Pine Cone charm- £35
6. Red pave ball charm- £55
7. Snowglobe charm£45
8. Candy Cane charm- £30
9. Mittens charm- £35