Thursday, 12 December 2013

Brand of the week: Pandora

Honestly, this could well be my favourite jewellery brand, (besides Tiffany & Co. and Swarovski). There is just something about Pandora that is so amazing! They have so many different collections and sell all manners of jewellery priced from low to high, and my favourite Pandora product has to be their charm bracelets. No matter what your into, what you like, Pandora has so many different charms to suit, they are perfect for signifying little memories and I just love to build mine full of charms that mean something to me, whether they are a gift or a little treat from me! Below is my two Pandora rings, one being my birthstone ring I got as a present for my 18th and the other a little gift from my boyfriend. Below is also my Pandora bracelet, despite being bought this by a boyfriend 2 Christmases ago it isn't particularly full! I like to keep my bracelet girly and sparkly, I'm such a fan of the flower clip, fairy and cupcake! I have also included my pick of their new "Christmas Collection" the charms are gorgeous, I absolutely love Christmas, and cannot wait to add a one or two of these to my bracelet! Do you have a Pandora charm bracelet? What are your favourite charms? :)

*Images from

1. Christmas Tree charm- £40
2. Reindeer charm- £30
3. Father Christmas charm- £45
4. Snowflake clip- £50
5. Pine Cone charm- £35
6. Red pave ball charm- £55
7. Snowglobe charm£45
8. Candy Cane charm- £30
9. Mittens charm- £35


  1. nice blog, i just followed you via GFC hope u follow me back

  2. They have some of THEE cutest Christmas charms, hope i get some for Christmas, most of the ladies own a Pandora bracelet in my family so i always end up buying charms for xmas and birthdays. I have this Bracelet and the bangle and used to have one of the rings, they're all so beautiful!

  3. Love Pandora so much!!!

  4. They are so beautiful and christmassy! love you blog



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