Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nails Nails Nails!

So yesterday I was shopping for my friends birthday presents, and instead of just buying for her, I ended up buying 4 nail polishes for myself. I absolutley love the colour of these nail varnishes and could not resist! So many people are into nail art at the moment so I thought I would also buy the effects nail varnishes to try. Barry M nail varnishes have sooooo many colours and effects to choose from and they aren't that expensive, but they also have an offer on right now too, if you buy 2 Barry M nail varnishes at Superdrug you get the 'croc effects' polish free!
Barry M nail polish Raspberry £2.99

Barry M magnetic nail paint Burgundy £4.99

Barry M nail polish Raspberry £2.99

Barry M Nail Effects Croc £3.99

Barry M Glitter nail paint Magenta £2.99


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