Thursday, 18 September 2014


  #Busstandselfie- Rimmel scandal'eyes waterproof mascara, £6.99, Superdrug| Clinque high impact mascara, (magazine tester)| Rimmel London 25 hour lasting finish foundation 201, £4.98, Savers| Rimmel London stay matte powder 002, £3.98, Savers| NYC cheek glow central park pink, £2.99, Superdrug| Benefit Browzings medium, £24.50, Boots| No7 high shine lip crayon delicate pink, £9.00, Boots.
Okay I wasn't joking with my "#busstandselfie" I was genuinely sat at the bus stop with my boyfriend waiting to go into town to Nandos haha! But anyway as it was date night I thought I would make an effort as I don't really get to see him that much right now. This is my usual sort or day-to-day makeup, it's quick and simple and I am not joking I haven't changed my routine or products that I use all that much in the past 4 years, I don't care what anyone says, if it ain't broke don't fix it!
I tend to keep my makeup routine simple to save time on a morning, although I have just recently started applying my foundation with a brush... I am very proud, I didn't realise how much better it would be rather than using my finger tips! I tend to use mainly Rimmel London products, as although over time my foundation has been discontinued, then changed a little, I do think this lasting finish foundation gives great coverage and it genuinely does last all day unless you're running a marathon or something!
My mascara is also Rimmel, I tend to mix and match with the scandal'eyes range but I bought this waterproof one for going on holiday, it stayed on really well in the pool. I have combined it with the Clinique mascara as I got this one as a free gift in a magazine and found it is amazing I have never known a mascara work so well  although I just could not afford to be buying this all the time.  I do however use Benefit browzings for my brows, as the powder like product is great for defining your brows and the gel counterpart is fab for setting your brows and tidying them up! Plus, I didn't actually have to pay for this, as my friend kindly gave me hers!
The blusher I use is a steal at just £2.99 and has lasted me 5 months now, despite being nearly gone now. I am not a fan of bronzers as I am always a little bit scared of it being patchy or too dark and in the wrong places, so I tend to use a bright blusher on my cheeks instead. As for contouring, I daren't even attempt it. The stay matte power is also only £3.98 depending on where you buy it, but as a simple powder to pop in your bag it is great for buffing away any oily patches during the day.
Finally, I completed my look with my new chubby stick! I think if you're a little wary of how bold your lipstick may come out once you apply it, chubby sticks are great for adding just a little colour and some gloss at the same time, mine is No7 shade "delicate pink" which gives a nice touch to finish your make up!
What do you think of my look? What makeup products are you using? Leave me a comment below :).  
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  1. I love this look, and I love how you used a lot of affordable products! I got the same Clinique mascara in glamour too from a previous issue and I loved it, it lasted a really long time! I would have gotten it again but I have too many mascaras already ;) xxx

    Velvet Blush

  2. I love this makeup look, lovely :)

    Lots of Love <3



  3. Rimmel's Stay Matte powder has become my new staple! Also, I find Maybelline does the best mascaras personally ha! xx

  4. nice look,lovely makeup ,wanna send my kiss to you

    Fashion blog

  5. cute :)


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