Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Designer Jewellery: Tiffany & Co.

(Left to right) Bead bracelet, £130| Dome watch, £3,100| Flat pouch, £80| Mini heart earrings, £205| Flower ring, £1625| Heart bracelet, £235| Heart shape diamond engagement ring, £9,600| Heart tag pendant, £220| Line bracelet, £46,400
Okay I am not entirely sure why I created this post because it is not like I actually afford anything from Tiffany & Co. but I guess it is always nice to admire things you cant have, right? I have thankfully been very fortunate to have received 3 pieces of Tiffany jewellery over the past couple of years from my boyfriend, I have the bead bracelet in both pink and plain and I have a necklace to match the pink bead bracelet, I absolutely love them!
I just love Tiffany & Co. because it is so expensive, it just looks so classy, although they have over the top diamonds and pearls they also have subtle and classic jewellery like the plain tag necklaces and bracelets, which look so precious. I only ever wear mine on very special occasions, I am always so terrified that it will fall off, break or i'll lose it!  
When writing this post it was actually the first time I looked through the whole range, I had never come across the watches for example and they are gorgeous, I'm absolutely in love with them all! They have also introduced a leather collection which includes all manner of purses etc, I was particularly excited when I saw these and actually considered asking for one for Christmas until I saw the price of them! Don't forget to check out their new Tiffany T collection too its fab :)
Also, I'm going to admit to this... like surely every girl has done this before? Surely... okay, i'll say it, I've chosen my engagement ring, that's not even the worst part... I decided 4 years ago, as soon as I saw this heart shaped diamond I fell in love, this is all I want from life! Hint hint potential future husbands... Okay enough of the crazy girlfriend talk, but I think every girl dreams of her engagement ring hehe. Not all Tiffany jewellery is so expensive, for around £100 you can get earrings and charm bracelets which are a perfect addition to any outfit!
What do you think of Tiffany? Do you have any of their jewellery? What is your favourite designer jewellery? Leave me a comment below! :)
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  1. All these pieces you've shown are so beautiful! I didn't know they did watches as well, but from what I've seen they look really nice. :) x

  2. Love these rings. xx

  3. There's so many lovely pieces here. I adore Tiffany jewellery, even the boxes are pretty!
    That bracelet is CRAZY EXPENSIVE! but really really lovely!


  4. I've never really been a fan of Tiffany jewellery, but i am loving those rings! xx

    Abi |

  5. I am drooling over these pieces! <333

    xx Brigette |

  6. Oh my, just LOOK at the earrings, they are to die for! Tiffany's always reminds me of New York, I wish I could go back tomorrow!

    Emma | The Fashion Six


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