Sunday, 9 October 2016


So last Friday I had a lovely visit from one of my best friends, who came to Leeds for the day for one of our "mate dates". We hadn't seen each other for 2 months which was just crazy, so you can imagine how much catching up we had to do. We went shopping, although we didn't actually buy anything as we were too busy talking, and also have zero pennies since going back to university.
We finished the day by going for a late lunch at Bill's, which is one of my all time favourite restaurants. They specialise in contemporary European food, and have separate breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner menus. As my friend is dairy intollerant it is also so handy as a lot of the food is gluten and dairy free, or vegetarian. We opted for the allotment salad and their delicious pink lemonade which made a perfect light late lunch.
I also ate at Bill's with my boyfriend at the weekend- I had the "Bill's classic fish finger sandwich"- £9.50, I promise this is not your average fish finger sandwich... made with proper pieces of battered fish, tartare sauce, rocket salad and toasted farmhouse bread with skin on fries. Delicious.
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  1. I do like to visit Bill's when I am down south. It has a very informal, cosy vibe and tasty food. Iga x


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