Saturday, 15 October 2016



Remember that moaning post I did yesterday about not having anything to wear now its autumn? Well thank goodness my mam took me shopping today! We went to The Metro Centre in Gateshead, for the North East people you will know how fab it is for shopping! After a near breakdown in River Island- (all thanks to a highly inappropriate and over priced grey suede coat) I spotted this gorgeous boyfriend coat in Topshop.

I'm going to New York in November (as if you didn't know), and lets be honest, a leather jacket isn't going to cut it. I have been torn between buying a proper puffy jacket, or a boyfriend coat, but came to the conclusion that a coat like that is never going to go with my outfits. Admittedly I still might freeze to death in this coat, but teamed with a jumper and big cosy scarf, i'm hoping it will do! No pain no gain right?

Of course the camel coat has been an on going trend, and will always be a style staple in your wardrobe. I would much rather spend my money on an investment piece... well thats how I justified myself...

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  1. That was so nice of your mom to buy you the coat.

  2. It looks lovely on you. I could do with so many more coats in every single colour imaginable. Have a lovely time in New York! x

  3. Love this coat, I really need a camel coat like this, I feel it goes with almost everything and will never really date. Love it!

  4. I definitely love this coat and color too. Looks perfect.

    It's a giveaway on my blog so make sure to check out.

    Charming Coco


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