Friday, 18 November 2016



I don't think I have ever been as excited over a pair of shoes in my life. As we are now on the way to Christmas it is now 100% acceptable to wear as many sequin items and as much glitter as you want, wherever you want and whenever you want. So when I spotted these beautiful black glitter western boots in the Next directory I had to have them. I have seen a few stores, including River Island and Topshop introducing glitter boots, which usually I would be quite wary of wearing, but since i'm going to New York next week I thought why not?! 
At £40 I think these are a total bargain, because the sheer quality of the boots is fantastic, they are super comfy, and have a beautiful quality design. I always find Next are always big on quality, despite not being the cheapest store on the high street- which I didn't mind as I still have lots of birthday vouchers left to spend! Next are also offering £10 off your first online purchase, which is amazing, so don't miss out!
What do you think? Too OTT? Let me know!
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