Friday, 11 November 2016


Ok I have played this game with my friends and family all week, have a guess where I bought these silky pjs, do you think they were expensive? Most of them guessed Victoria Secret. Nope, in fact they were a Primark creation, what's more, they cost me a massive £8. EIGHT POUNDS. 

These pj's caught my eye as soon as I went into store last weekend, with their beautiful purple silk material and eyelash lace detailing, you would be forgiven for thinking these were quite expensive. But hey, what a total bargain! Primark also have a similar style of pj's which again are a silver silk with white cotton detailing, which are priced at £10- believe me if they had my size I would have snapped both sets up there and then!

What do you think? Surprised? Let me know!

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