Sunday, 12 May 2013

This month's spending spree...

So for some reason this month I've just been in the mood to spend... for once I actually had money and decided to update my wardrobe and get some new bits and bobs ready for summer. I have also found that my new favourite piece for summer is a cami top, there are so many in the shops to choose from in a variety of colours, patterns at many varying prices. Personally, I found that Topshop and River Island were the best place to buy, the higher quality meant the colours were particularly vibrant and the loose silky/chiffon material was perfect for warm summer days, surprisingly these didn't come at such a high price as I would usually expect, being as cheap as £10 to £18. These prices are definitely worth it, as cami tops are suitable for every summer, and are a timeless piece. Below I have also included my other buys and given a quick review :)

Lace Collar Top, £16, Topshop. I think this top works well for many different purposes, and works particularly well as a simplistic daytime top, the floral material and the collar keeps it girly where the white colour means it goes with most other colours!

Petite floral lace crop, £22, Topshop. Again, this tops makes a perfect daytime look, the cropped style means it works well with high waist jeans, and the loose material is great for summer. I love the pattern of this top and mixed with the clear lace at the bottom, it is another flexible piece!

 Pink Cami top, £10, River Island. Like I said I now LOVE cami tops! The colour of this top is absolutely gorgeous, its so vibrant and can be dressed up for evening wear with some statement jewellery, or can be dressed down for daytime. The loose silky material means that it is perfect for a warm day and also when it's washed, it dries soooooo quickly, and with no creases! (I have tried this). At £10 you cannot go wrong, highly recommend.
Strappy Cami top, £18, Topshop. With Topshop you expect to be paying a slightly higher price, however even though this top is a little more expensive than River Island's cami top, I think this is still worth it. This top I would probably wear for an evening, as it would work well with lotttts of jewellery, blazer and heels. The colour I also think works well, its a pink/beige which means it works with a lot of other colours!
Mini Twistlock Holdall, £28, Topshop. I have a larger version of this bag also from Topshop, however I really like this one as it's good for shopping to just keep essentials in, also its a good quality and a gorgeous colour. However, I do think that £28 is a bit pricey, as the bag is relatively small, compared with other bags they sell which are larger, yet only slightly dearer.


  1. I absolutely love it, completely recommend it :)

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