Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#1 Summer Hair Care Essensial...

Although summer is my favourite time of year, the heat really messes with my hair. If your like me, and you have thick hair that is prone to frizz then you will understand my problem, because even the mere mention of the sun and heat provokes the frizz! I'm exaggerating. But honestly this is a major issue for me, as although I try to straighten my hair to tame the frizz, they just end up making my hair dry and even more vulnerable to the heat. So I decided recently to have a look for a smoothing serum to try and help to tame my hair during the summer heat, nobody wants frizzy hair, right?

This is when I discovered V05 "smoothly does it heat protect serum" which not only promises to give "sumptuously sleek frizz free shine" but also works as a heat defence serum. The product smells beautiful and it also worked really well, I found the serum was not sticky or thick which can be an issue with this sort of hair product, it made hair feel instantly soft and smooth, and did not leave hair clagged up with product. It also comes as a handy sized bottle to fit into your bag if your going out in the sun! The price was also low, and so I highly recommend you try it ! :)


  1. Will have to try this product!!
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  2. thanks for the review :) I think it's really important to protect our hair like this...



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