Thursday, 28 November 2013

Beauty brand of the week: Batiste

So when I have browsed other peoples blogs I've realised that my blog is missing one weekly consistent post. So from now on I will be doing beauty/ fashion brand of the week, which will consist of my favourite brands and their products of that week! To start off with, Batiste is my beauty brand of the week, their dry shampoo range is simply a life saver! I don't know about you, but I use Batiste dry shampoo almost everyday, it smells gorgeous and is essential for giving your hair a little boost between washes. For many years now I have used either the 'coconut & exotic tropical' or 'floral and flirty blush' bottles as they smelt divine, however I noticed that although it banished the grease and left little residue, my hair was left a little flat. Recently boots had a 2 for 1 offer on the batiste range which is when I came across a new bottle, 'XXL volume' in a very attractive pink shimmering bottle so I instantly wanted to try it ... I can honestly say that the product instantly boosts your hair and adds volume without clagging up the hair or leaving residue, it also works particularly well on my fringe. If your hair is prone to grease between washes simply spray some of the product at the roots and the underneath of your hair and see the difference! Batiste also offers many other dry shampoos including colour, volumising, nourishing and original collections for different hair types, which is your favourite dry shampoo? :)
 Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo- £3.99- Boots


  1. My favourite is the tropical one they do, xoxo.

  2. I have only tried 2 so far and have not found my favorite yet-... but this one looks great <3

  3. I love batiste dry shampoos! Follow for a follow?


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