Thursday, 21 November 2013

Treat Time!

Time for a treat, or just an excuse? Hmm, genuinely this accessory caught my eye when I was walking through town, and so I went back to buy it yesterday. The other day I realised I didn't even have a clutch! Whattttt???? I really love this one and it really caught my eye because the clutch also comes with a strap to make it into a short handbag, which is super suitable and handy to use when you want to grab something out of your bag quick. The design is also especially nice, the typical envelope style clutch is made even better because of the black velvet and glitter contrast along with the gold chain, which basically incorporates all of the current trends at the moment! The price is also excellent, which is what I have found with the majority of New Look's products, at £12.99 this is such a bargain, I also used my 10% student discount to get mine for just £11.69! The clutch also comes in 2 different versions so you can choose from either black and gold glitter, or black patent croc print, and you can grab yourself one here ! :)

Black and gold glitter tab envelope clutch- £12.99- New Look


  1. Sooooo pretty and super cute for Christmas parties with the gold glitter. Might have to be a copy cat this would go perfect with my Christmas party dress!

    Lisa x

  2. That's adorable. I can't believe how cheap it is. Thanks for sharing. XD

  3. Que bonito.

  4. this bag is gorgeous! great post:-)

  5. Great Buy, Perfect for the oncoming party season.
    Just stumbled across your blog and I am now following.
    Lots of Love,
    Katie x

  6. Lovely!!!!

  7. Gorgeous bag, perfect for Christmas party think I might get myself one x


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