Tuesday, 22 July 2014

100 Years Of Fashion Influences

1920s Pre 1920's was the age of the corset, now women were allowed to vote, smoke and were socially free... leading to the rejection of corsets and a new dawn of flattering your body shape, cue the dazzling embellished evening dresses and liberated boyish silhouettes. Think Gatsby.

1930s  Consumerism. Chainstores were popping up all over and becoming very popular, and so channelling those Hollywood deigns was all the range.

1940s Now women faced rationing, changing the way women dressed for an entire decade! The introduction of rules with regards to skirt width, pockets and the use of buttons left women's style restricted. With regards to society, women fulfilled male roles and had to undertake those jobs, all of this taken into consideration, women started to express themselves through their hair and makeup rather than their outfits during the war.

1950s And with the end of the war it was back to the housewife routine, so fashion had to be suitable, however women could still express their style with petticoats and synched waists.

1960s Welcome to the 'swinging sixties', I had a discussion with my mum the other day about her love of Mary Quant back in the day and her introduction of the mini skirt brought a change to female fashion, with younger girls becoming the trend setters... remember, mini skirts are really on trend at the moment!

1970s Okay I won't go into it, but we all know about the sexual liberation of the seventies, and the popularity of Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress reflected this new found confidence...

1980s At this time, designers were inspired by growing female strength and confidence by creating strong tailored outfits and creating big shoulder pads, a look that epitomises the 80's

1990s Eleanor was born! Well, aside from this, fashion had a complete make over... Dr Martens, colour blocked rain macs, bubble back packs, chokers, Nike trainers, gold chains and a boombox on your shoulder, need I go on?

2000s I always find it difficult to sum up a time I lived through... bit strange of me but I guess this was a time to accessorize, with the recession looming, fashionistas became more thrifty than they had ever been before and we all know that statement necklace or cute handbag can transform any outfit over and over again, I guess we could call it the time of the investment piece.


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  2. Great post, don't forget the wonderful 70's flares and hippy chic though lol :-)

    1. Very true! Thanks for the reminder :') x

  3. Such an informative great post :) I love the 50's style most personally, so girly and feminine!

    Sarah x


    1. Aw yeah it is really lovely! My favourite I think was the 20's I just love that whole 'gatsby' style, so beautiful and glamorous! :) x


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