Monday, 28 July 2014

Birthday Shopping!

One of the things I love about birthdays is the presents and receiving money to buy those bits and bobs you've had your eye on for months but couldn't afford, I didn't really get that many presents this year so at the weekend I had one of the best shopping days I have had in ages, and really treated myself ! Luckily I didn't spend all of my money, so hopefully another shopping day will be on the cards in the near future!
Tiara silver & cubic zirconia ring- £40- Pandora| Tile stitch  leather crossbody bag- £38- Topshop| MOTO Authentic ripped skinny jeans- £45- Topshop| Petite floral trousers- £24- Dorothy Perkins| Fuchsia underwear set- £4- Primark

Okay so don't think I go and buy bra and nickers for my birthday presents :') I just picked this cute little set up because firstly, I seriously have no matching sets of underwear! And secondly, I don't know if you have noticed, but in Primark at the moment they have so many gorgeous underwear sets for just £4, bargain! This is seriously no joke, I made 3 trips to Topshop and tried at least 10 pairs of jeans on before deciding on these ones, and although I think they are a little pricey for Topshop jeans I fell in love with them! Although I have 2 pairs of 'Joni' jeans already, I just couldn't resist buying these as I wanted to venture into the world of ripped jeans...The bag I  bought has been something I have wanted for quite a while now, I just love it! I was honestly a little bit heartbroken when Topshop website told me it was "no longer available" but I managed to find 3 of them left in store thank goodness! If  you're a fan of comfortable style I highly recommend these Dorothy Perkins trousers, although they feel like you're wearing your pj's they look absolutely gorgeous and so summery! I would say though they are quite loose fitting so you might be like me and need a smaller size than usual.

Finally, I bought this beautiful Pandora ring, they really are one of my absolute favourite jewellery stores as they always have such gorgeous and pretty items that are such high quality! What have you all been buying recently? Leave me a comment below! :)


  1. I love birthday shopping, you picked out some gorgeous bits! Loving the Pandora ring, how pretty!
    I really love the Pandora rings, I think I might purchase one with my Christmas money :) xx

  2. You bought some amazing stuff! Happy birthday, hope you've had a nice day ;)

    isa |

  3. you got a lot of great items with your birthday month.

  4. Happy Birthday
    I love going birthday shopping
    Love that bag!
    Rachel XX

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  6. That purse is perfection!


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