Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Retail Therapy

Ok so enough with the wallowing and self pity. If any of you saw one of my recent posts I explained what the reason why I hadn't been blogging a lot recently was because I was a little bit down in the dumps. I'm not the type of person to tell everyone their life story, especially online but as I have made some lovely blogger friends through here I think I should share a little. Basically my boyfriend of 4 years has just moved away to London for a work placement for a year, but this isn't the first time we have had to do long distance, he is a year older than me and so went to university first but it just wasn't as far as this! I live in Durham (North East England) which makes it very difficult to see each other. But hey ho, if any of you have any advice feel free to help me out! :)

Anyway back to blogging, the main reason I decided to do this post is because when you're feeling a bit low a fantastic cure is a bit of retail therapy, in this case I had been flicking through a few magazines in the hairdressers and had noticed a couple of really cute items and then had another look online, well I guess it is my birthday in less than a week! I'm allowed.

Yasbukey seashell clutch- £220- Yasbukey| Cluster embellished bralet- £38- Topshop|
Benefit posie balm- £14.50- Benefit Cosmetics| Rochas Silk mix- shoes- £482- Rochas|
Large peekaboo bag- Fendi- Not really surprising that I couldn't find a price...|
Lipstick in 'Cyber'- £15- MAC Cosmetics.


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    1. Thank you Amy! I hope I will start too soon :)

  2. I know how you feel. I have a boyfriend for 2,5 yrs now and we live in different towns. We're not that far and we can see each other once in a week, but it's not like when you can see your love anytime. luckily,one more year and we'll go to university in same city. You can use skype! it's great :D

    1. Ah I completely understand! Thank you so much for the advice Katarina it's nice to speak to someone in the same boat as me, good luck with your future together! :) x


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