Monday, 4 August 2014

Mulberry Clutch... well replica

I have always been a bit sceptical about fake designer handbags and other accessories, as like any other teenage girl I always thought, "pfft, fakes? I'll be buying real designer"... yeah that's not happening haha.

I guess whenever I see someone with a gorgeous Celine handbag, a Moschino belt, an Alexander McQueen scarf or a Michael Kors purse I tend to stop to think, hmm is that real? Does she look rich? To be quite honest I can't even tell! A lot of replicas now are such great quality and really do look genuine, however it is also fair to say that some people do pick up some really bad replicas from their holiday in Turkey... in fact a friend of mine once picked up some 'Rayberrys' and a fake Rolex froma a lucky lucky man in Spain aha, not  a fan!

Anyway, I have already told you that I love using the app 'depop' and although I came across quite a few sellers on their selling replicas for around £50, I was definitely not prepared to pay that much. However, I found a very good seller of Mulberry replicas for just £20.

My clutch is a replica of the Mulberry Daria clutch, and obviously there are aspects of it which are nothing like the real clutch, but I must say that this is such a high quality bag! For the price you really can't go wrong... Although I won't be a regular fake designer buyer, I am so pleased with this one and if you would like the find them on Depop, the seller is called @mattm1980.

So , what is your opinion of replicas and fakes? Is it okay as a one off to buy one? Or is it just better to save for the real designer? :)

....btw... my Michael Kors watch in the picture is 100% legit haha.


  1. Looks lovely xxx
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  2. I think there nothing wrong with buying replicas

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  4. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog.
    I'd rather buy a replica of something and save money to spend on something else hahha.
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  5. Te segui! ;D

    Amei a clutch!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

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  8. This is sooo lovely.. Love the clutch...great choice

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