Sunday, 10 August 2014


Today is the day! I am literally like a small child at the moment because today I go on holiday... to DISNEY LAND. Not one of you can say that if you were going you wouldn't be excited! Hehe. Anyway as you can imagine there will be a certain lack of blogging from me over the next couple of weeks, I haven't just disappeared :')
So before I go I thought I would quickly share a little outfit of the day post with you. Admittedly it is nothing special but hey ho I'm very fond of this top! The one thing I do dislike about going on holiday is the travelling, and as I will be going via car and Eurostar it means a very long car journey from the North East, hmph.
I am wearing: AX Paris daisy Print zip back top, £12.99, ARK| Joni high waisted jeans, £36, Topshop
I particularly love this top as it is a way of looking summery, even if you are wearing black as the daisy print is so cute! (please excuse the creases) It also looks really lovely with high waist denim shorts, as for my jeans, I know that high waist tight jeans aren't always the most comfiest travel clothes option, but if any of you have these joni jeans you will know how comfy they really are, and the best thing is, you can wear them and wash them over and over and they won't stretch out of place!
What do you tend to wear for travelling? Leave me a comment below! :)


  1. Have fun at Disney Land!! ♥

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  5. yay Disney land! One of my favorite places! Hope you have a ton of fun!

  6. I love ur top *o* It's pure love!!! FLOWERS!! FLOWEEEEEEEEEERS EVERY WHERE!!

  7. This print's been becoming very trendy the las few months. You knew how to wear it! I like the outfit, which is made with basics and the print, you look amazing! So cute!


  8. i love this look and your hair!

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  9. Loving the print. it looks fab on you x


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