Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I'm back from holiday!

I don't even think I have gone this long without blogging since I created it! It's been over what, two weeks?! But yes, I am back from my holiday, the first week of which I spent with my family in Disney Land Paris, and the second week (technically not really a holiday) I spend with my boyfriend in Guildford, (a whole load of long distance crap I won't go into)... but for me it basically meant a whole week of date nights, fab!
I know I am crazy for raving so much about Disney Land Paris but seriously, this was a big deal for me! This was my second time at Disney, although I don't count the first as it was only a day trip with school! But seriously, I am considering just moving to Disney and becoming a Disney princess, it's so cute being there and just being able to act like a child! It's also brilliant how you can walk around the place wearing a pair of huge and ridiculous Minnie Mouse ears on your head and nobody cares!
But yes, my second week was spent staying with my boyfriend who unfortunately had to work during the day, but we managed to spend the evenings eating out, going to the cinema and lounging in front of the tv with a pizza! One thing we learned this week... frozen strawberry dacquiri's are very very nice.
Anyway, not that I think that you will all be very interested in hearing about the crap I've been up too, here's a few pictures which are pretty self explanatory and probably more interesting that paragraphs of my story telling! What have you all been up to recently? Feel free to leave me a comment below lovelies! :)

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  1. Lovely photos. Seems like you've had a great time! I would love to visit Disneyland someday.

    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

    1. Oh my gosh I totally recommend, it really is the best experience for all ages! hehe, thanks for commenting :) xx

  2. Glad you had a great time. I so want to go to Disney Paris one day.

    1. Aw thanks Amy! Oh you should definitely go it's so amazing! :) xx


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