Thursday, 21 May 2015


Garnier ambre solaire clear protect sun protect £6.99 Boots
I particularly like to use sprays when it comes to sun protection, as they tend to be clear, non sticky and very waterproof, no more having a sticky layer of white sun cream all over your skin that gets covered in itchy sand!
Garnier ambre solaire after sun £3.99 Wilkinson
I am keeping with the Garnier sun protection! I really love this after sun as again it isn't too sticky, has a clear appearance, and is very soothing, it also works as a good moisturizer and helps to lock in hydration.
Garnier amber solaire travel size protection lotion, £2.99, Sainsbury's
It is very important to make sure you use a high factor protection on your face as your skin is more delicate. You must also ensure it is alcohol free, this one in particular is specifically for your face and is a creamy lotion, but I have obviously again found something with a clear effect.
Gillette, Venus and Olay Sugarberry womens razor, £11.95, Boots
When it comes to shaving my legs, I am a sucker for cheap disposable razors which aren't particularly kind to skin, so for when I go on holiday, I have decided to invest in a proper razor (this one is currently on offer for £6), the name and colour of the razor particularly swayed my decision although it works fabulously for exfoliating the skin and locking in moisture.
John Freida frizz ease curl reviver mousse, £6.00, Boots
If you have a Savers in your town, you can actually pick this up for £3.00! I have always been a fan of mousse as my hair is naturally very curly, yet is very frizzy! Therefore I decided to try this frizz free mousse by John Frieda as I tend to find their entire frizz free range works very well to combat frizzy and dry hair, especially in humidity.
Mark Hill beach babe wave spray, £5.99, Boots
Again, this on is on offer for £2.99 at the moment! I am a bit wary of using this sea salt spray on holiday as I am not familiar with how they work, so if anyone has any advice on how to use this or has any reviews of this product please let me know!
Kerastase Spray a porter, £18.50 (local salons)
Another salt spray! My mum actually gave me this to try a few months ago so what better time than on holiday! I will hopefully be able to get a review together of this product when I get back!
Rimmel London BB Cream, £6.99, Wilkinson
(Wilkinson have a 3 for 2 offer on all Rimmel London cosmetics at the moment), I thought that maybe on holiday makeup wise I will just still to a primer and a BB cream, so I bought this one in medium as I am assuming that hopefully my face will tan! if anyone has any recommendations on what makeup to wear on holiday please leave me a comment!
Rimmel London Wonder'full waterproof mascara with argan oil, £7.99, Boots
I am always a bit sceptical as to whether waterproof mascaras actually work or not, please tell me this is a good one!
Are you going on holiday this summer? What are your holiday essentials, have I missed anything off? Leave a comment below! :)
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  1. Gorgeous picks! I need to try the Mark Hill beach spray :)

    X Emma |

  2. love venus razors

  3. I've been using the Mark Hill beach babe wave spray for a few months now and really like it - it adds texture and makes your hair wavey :) I normally put it in before I style my hair with gel/hairspray :)

    John | Shout John


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