Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Benefit Bella Bamba Ultraplush lipgloss- shade 'Fauxmance'- £14.50- Boots
I'm not usually a fan of lip gloss, as I tend to find it ends up a bit slippery or sticky... anyone else experienced the hair in lip gloss situation?
I got this one a few months back from Boots, it is by Benefit and comes in 6 different colours, this one in particular is 'fauxmance'; a sultry pink tone with ultra plush gloss and a subtle hint of shimmer. The tip is designed for easy application, and is super smooth without the sticky effect. It is very easy to end up applying way too much gloss so I tend to apply it with my finger, once set it gives a lipstick like appearance.
I tend to find with a lot of lip glosses they tend to be colourless or wipe of straight away, this one surprisingly stays put (to some extent). The sheer, bright watermelon hue gives a plumping effect and has a fresh scent which I absolutely loved! Even the tube and packaging itself is super cute...
The only thing I would say is that at £14.50 this is way out of my budget, considering there are so many drug store alternatives! Although I would absolutely love to try the bright shade of pink 'Lollibop'...
What do you think? Have you tried the other shades? Leave me a comment below! :)
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  1. I'm not a big fan of lip glosses, they are too sticky and messy for my taste but this one seems lovely. And the colour is beautiful. Great post <3

    Valentina from

    1. me neither! I completely agree, its a lot easier to just use a lip balm or lipstick-but yes I had a really great experience with this one :) thank you for your lovely comment! xx

  2. Is it weird I am really envious of your lips? This looks like a lovely shade x


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