Thursday, 22 October 2015


Ok I finally took the leap. I got my hair cut. Am I the only girl who really doesn't like going to the hair dressers? I just never feel satisfied when I come out and instantly want to re-style it myself.
However since it has been way to long since my last hair cut- I wont be spilling the beans on this! I decided to go and get myself a trim, thankfully I was surprised to only need half an inch of, which considering my worshipping of GHD's was a miracle.
I have been in the process of growing my full fridge out since May (I had a side fringe before this), and since it got to an awkward length I decide to try bangs... the verdict? I love it.
I visited my local salon on Saturday Hair Haus in Bishop Auckland, I have been going there since I was very young so why break the habit of a lifetime?! It is fab in there and has such a good atmosphere, the staff are lovely, their facilities are great and the products they use literally transform my untameable frizzy hair... and at £29 for a wash, cut and blow dry I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't even need to wash my hair for 3 days after!... don't judge me.
One of the products they used on my hair was the Loreal SteamPod a new innovative straightening and smoothing iron which uses Keratin to repair hair as well as minimizing heat damage, if you haven't tried this then you seriously need to asap, I struggle massively with frizzy hair and I was pleased to find that my hair stayed smooth and poker straight for 4 days, even in the rain. I know what's going straight to the top of my Christmas list...
However I have found that bangs are an absolute nightmare to manage, how to you sleep without waking up with it stuck up all over the place? How do you correct them on a windy day? How do you stop oil from your skin making them greasy? Also how do you avoid comments about having 'curtains'.... i'ts a struggle and they are very high maintenance!!! If anyone has any tips send them in my direction....
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  1. I think your hair looks so amazing! It's been a while since I had long hair! I used to clip mine to the side when I went to sleep and hair straighters are your best friend and dry shampoo!
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    1. Thank you Stacey! I am desperate for mine to grow it just seems to stay at one length... hopefully now it has had a cut it may grow a little! :) thank you for the advice xxxx


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