Monday, 12 October 2015


If any of you have heard of 'Everyman Cinema' you will know it is a unique cinema experience...not only can you watch the newest films but you can also catch cult classics. With a select amount of boutique venues across the UK, I visited the Leeds Trinity cinema yesterday evening.
Everyman is somewhere I have been meaning to try for a long time...although me and my boyfriend didn't catch a film there, we did however visit the FORZZA restaurant for dinner. I ordered the garden salad with slow cooked ham- containing; spinach, garlic croutons, slow cooked ham, shaved fennel, butternut squash and parmesan. This was literally one of the nicest salads I have had... although I wouldn't usually go for a salad, I wanted something light before my train home but was pleasantly surprised at how filling and how 'un boring' it was!
My boyfriend had the Pepperoni, picante sauce, pepperdew pizza... and although it turned out to be surprisingly spicy, it looked amazing!
Next on my hit list will definitely be the Rubbed chicken, coriander cream, mango chutney pizza! I am also dying to try their skin- on- fries and house salad. So if you are after something different for a moderate price, I would definitely give this a go. Have any of you visited the cinema itself? Let me know your thoughts! :)
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    1. It was fab! honestly the best salad ive had haha x

  2. This looks amazing!! Having a lush salad out is the best - i'm always so picky with salads x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Me too, so many salads are so boring and tasteless but this one was lovely, they had a huge range of unique salads x

  3. I've never visited such thing but it sounds really cool, I'd love to try that out if there was one locally :)


    1. I'm sure if you visit their website there is a list of their locations across the country if you wanted to visit :) xx


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