Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Does anyone else find that when it comes to shoes, that you can sometimes fall very easily into a rut? I end up wearing the same shoes over and over again until they are literally done! Despite being a 'shoe person', I don't actually own that many pairs, and with so many lovely shoes on the high street it can be difficult to commit to one pair in case you find a cheaper alternative!
I treated myself to these sling back mules last week, I love that these heels come with a gold plaque an a peep toe- yep I'm tying desperately to not bring out the thick winter boots just yet...
These shoes are super stylish and on trend at the moment, the peep toe and sling back mule is a perfect accompaniment to skinny jeans by day, or a mini skirt by night...Although I usually wear at least 4 inch heels every day (I'm 5"3 give me a break), I wish these were higher, but they are super easy to walk in being just over 3 inches.
The block heel means that they aren't difficult at all to walk in- although I am used to wearing heels with a platform too so these felt a little strange at first. Unfortunately a negative of these shoes was  that the peep toe shape at the front meant that they actually cut into my toes... I definitely need to wear them in!
I would say that these are a small fit- if you have thin feet your fine, but even with me being a size 4 these felt a little snug... although a 5 was too big.
The non- leather material means they aren't as comfy and probably won't last too long, but for £24 they are a nice little bargain! I would mention however that they have very little grip besides the heel- so be careful when walking on carpets and slippery surfaces!
I wore these for work, shopping and a date night with my boyfriend, and although I would usually wear something higher for a night out, these shoes are pretty much suitable for any occasion.
Again, £24, cannot be robbed.
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  1. love them,they look lovely and it was a great post to read,you pretty much covered everything! I hope you are keeping well these days Eleanor xx

    1. As soon as I saw them I just had to have them! Ah thank you Hollie, really appreciate your feedback- I am very well thank you I hope you are too lovely! :) xx

  2. Love them! They look like they could be from Topshop but are actually half the price! May have to pop into my local peacocks soon I think! :D

    Lottie xo

    1. Exactly! That's why I love them, such a budget alternative but just as lovely! :) xx

  3. I LOVE these - I always forget about what nice stuff Peacocks can have :)

    Claire | | xx


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