Wednesday, 21 September 2016


MOTO Raw Hem Indigo Jamie Jeans- £40- Topshop
This trend is literally here, there, and everywhere at the moment. Whether it's a raw hem, let hem, or step hem, jeans are having a shabby chic makeover. Being only 5"3 AND 1/2, i'm not a fan of anything thats going to add extra length to my jeans- they only just fit my leg length as it is. However I do absolutely love step and let hems, which I am sure would look really flattering on somebody with longer legs!
Just a heads up, these jeans are not only bang on trend, but they are also super comfy. Topshop jeans tend to be stretchy, but this pair even more so. The only thing i'm not happy with is the price, and if I didn't get student discount, I wouldn't bother paying £40 for jeans. Actually what am I saying... with a Topshop addiction like mine of course I would splash out.

What do you think?

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