Thursday, 22 September 2016


I'll be honest, there isn't really much point to this post apart from me wanting to show off my new do- not attention seeking at all. But big thanks to Hair Haus in Bishop Auckland!

I am so bad when it comes to getting my hair cut, I literally went 3 years before getting it cut last year, and then until today its been almost a year. Surely I could be prosecuted for such behaviour. I promise I will start going more often! Although when it comes to my fringe i'm in the salon at least every 6 weeks- why are they just so hard to maintain?! 

My next step is definitely going to be an ombre, but I have no idea when I will actually get round to it! Any other hair suggestions? Should I take the step?

Also on a random note- I am currently planning my trip to NYC in November. I would love to know if you guys have any restaurant/ bar recommendations, or know any really cool places to visit. Let me know in the comments!
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