Wednesday, 21 December 2016


As you may or may not have remembered, I booked a trip to New York waaaaaay back in January. After nearly a year of waiting, I flew to New York 24th November for a week! Sorry guys, but here comes the New York spam....

Ok so we had pretty nice flights, we left Newcastle at 9am and landed in New York 4pm (there time), but as you can imagine we were absolutely knackered after being awake almost 24 hours. As it was thanksgiving in New York we decided we should at least go for a meal, so went to Hard Rock Café in Times Square, which is an absolute must!!

So actual day 1... it was Black Friday and I couldn't resist going shopping to see how crazy it would be. Macy's was our first stop which was insane, with Apple watches for $200 and offers like "buy one Michael Kors watch, get one 75% off", their Christmas department is also incredible! But just a heads up you will 100% get lost in there. I am however disappointed at how many amazing makeup offers I missed out on because of how busy the counters were! We also found the best trainer shop, and I queued in Victoria Secret for 1 HOUR... that's dedication right there. We also had our very first experience of 'Chick-fil-a'....highly recommended, it's basically a fancier McDonald's.

We also came across the best Christmas market in Bryant Park, which I would definitely recommend over the Columbus Circle Holiday market in Central Park. On the evening we visited the Empire State Building, I could literally stay up there all day, it had the most incredible views of New York. We paid for both viewing decks, but I would say if you are planning on going up, just get the standard ticket, as you can see the views much better from the first platform!

No first proper day in New York would be complete without visiting Applebee's... I know people would usually say 'stay away from the chain restaurants', but I would say give them a go, we had the most amazing four mac and cheese there..

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time in New Year.

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