Thursday, 22 December 2016


Day 2 in New York was literally the best day of my life so far! We kicked off the day with a visit to Top Of The Rock, which I must agree that when people say it offers better views of New York than The Empire State Building, it is definitely true! We then headed down to the ice rink, which has literally been my dream for so long! (since seeing it featured in Elf and Home Alone 2). We had to join quite a long queue, but really we only had to wait for half an hour, you're then given an hour and a half skating slot! However, as you can imagine, going skating with a guy is never going to go well, Kyle came off the ice after one go around! Meaning I had to skate alone, excellent!

We then headed off to Saks Fifth Avenue which had the best Christmas decorations I had ever seen, they really do put on a show! Next stop, Tiffany & Co... literally could not deal. It is huge. I can't even remember how many floors there were but I went and bought a ring and some earrings, and sneakily went and checked out the engagement ring floor. Oh my days. Ladies if you ever get the opportunity, GO. You can't even see the shape of the rings they are that sparkly, I've always dreamt of receiving the heart shaped diamond Tiffany ring, so I had to have a peek. When asked if I wanted to try anything I had to say no, it had already gone too far!!

We then headed up to Central Park, cue obligatory tourist picture outside the Plaza Hotel. Kevin McCallister eat your heart out.

Final stop was Top Of The Rock, as we had the 'sun and stars ticket' which I highly recommend, seeing the views both day and night is just magical....
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  1. This is so cute

  2. Looks so amazing! I'd love to visit New York. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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