Wednesday, 12 February 2014

SS14 TREND #3| World prints, textures & accessories

Day number 3 of covering SS14 trends! I am really enjoying taking a look at all of the upcoming, different trends to look forward too next season, it is always best to have an idea of what is on trend and what's not when your out shopping I guess! :) Anyway, today is world prints, textures and accessories, so whether you go straight for bold prints like #1 or a more subtle print like #5 there is sooo many ways you can incorporate this trend into any outfit! Think ring stacking, necklace layering, tie die and bead embellishments! This is definitely one of my favourite trends, as I think it is such a fun trend to easily play around with. I have included a little bit of inspiration for you below depending on how you may want to wear this trend, all of these things are from the high- street but I would start checking out some markets to see what little bits and bobs you can pick up. What do you think? Will you be giving it a go? Be sure to leave me a comment below! :)
1. Cream keziah tunic dress- £19.99- ARK
2. Mixed stones ring pack- £12- ASOS
3. Bead and feather cuff bracelet- £8- ASOS
4. JUSTICE leather flat shoes- £25- ASOS
5. AX Paris tie dye dress with cut out sides- £18- ASOS
6. Engraved tribal ring- £6.50- Topshop
7. Duffle bag with embellishment- £30- ASOS


  1. I love number 5!

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