Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Topshop: Pick of the sale

 1. Crotchet flower detail shell top, £18| 2. Knitted fluffy crop jumper, £25| 3. Leather woven panel luggage bag, £55| 4. Eyelash lace tee, £18| 5. Dark tropical floral all in one, £15| 6. SASSY platform shoes, £30| 7. Floral print crop overlay dress, £18| 8. Limited edition prom skort, £25| 9. Rhinestone deer necklace, £8.50| 10. Heart print PJ set, £12
 My most happy days are when Topshop announces that they are having a sale, however when I was writing this post and giving the prices for some of my favourite sale items, it actually made me realise how ridiculously priced Topshop actually is, their sale prices are what they should be charging, and are what other shops charge.. oh well, hey ho I know I'm still shopping their every week!
If I am honest, there isn't really a lot in the sale that caught my eye, I think mid-season sales can always be a little bit hit and miss at times, as it's basically all of their stock which isn't really suitable to wear now, and therefore pointless to buy. I have however managed to find some of my best picks to share with you, including jewellery. There is no mistaking the fact that Topshop's jewellery is stupidly priced, however now a lot of it is in the sale I want to make the most of the low prices! Well, jewellery is never seasonal really, is it?
Numbers 5 and 7 will be perfect for summer, and although I think we should all be focussing on revamping our autumn wardrobes right now, it does pay to buy your summer essentials now, this dress and jumpsuit are so so cute and are such a bargain, snap these up in time for your summer wardrobe next year! One of my favourites on this list is the crop fluffy jumper, if they had the cream one in the sale I would most certainly have bought this by now, it is such a cute jumper for autumn and super cosy! Number 4, the eyelash lace tee, upsets me a little as literally less than a week ago I paid full wack for it at double the price :(. My housemate experienced this same heartbreak, as she paid £90 for the bag (number 2) which is now in store for just £55! Has this happened to any of you? It is the worst!
As for the pyjamas, skort and crotchet shell top, I just think the sale is the perfect time to buy things like this, there is no point paying full price for pyjamas or going out clothes in my opinion as you can wear them over an over and mix and match without having to have what's necessarily "on trend for this season".  
Finally, I ADORE these shoes, although I have been told multiple times that I have a pair of shoes just like this, A. They aren't Topshop B. These ones are 2" higher C. This pair has tassles on the front and D. The heel is a different material. So yep, I will be making a purchase, seriously £30 for Topshop heels? A bargain not to be missed!
Have you bought or seen anything that you like in the Topshop sale? Leave me a comment below, and remember it's up to 50% Off, don't miss out! :)  
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  1. Love all of the things you picked out! I had those heart pj's, but they are so so short i couldn't even justify wearing them to bed! Adore the floral jumpsuit though, £15 is a much more reasonable price for it! xx

    Abi |

  2. Those are some really great choices I love heart outfit

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. That rhinestone deer necklace is super cute.

  4. Great picks! And those Topshop shoes need to be snapped up right away! It's a bargain!



  5. Nice picks, I like nr 4 :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. I completely missed that fluffy jumper, I love it!! xx

  7. number 7 is really gorgeous



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