Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trick or treat?

1. Lace ears- £7| 2. Layered mesh prom skirt- £75| 3. Flocked sequin bodycon dress, £68| 4. Asymmetric dipped hem vest, £32| 5. Velvet body, £25| 6. Lace bodycon tunic, £36| 7. Halloween scruchie, £4| 8. Black webbed tights, £8.50| 9. Sequin bat mask, £7| 10. Monster bandage bodycon dress, £29.
 Okay, I know Halloween is actually tomorrow, but the main reason as to why I wanted to share this with you now was to give you a little last minute inspo if like me you have left your Halloween outfit till the very last minute, and are completely clueless on how to create an outfit. However if you are looking for costume inspiration then you have come to the wrong place, I am absolutely useless when it comes to dressing up!
If you don't want to feel silly and go out wearing some crazy witch cape or zombie mask, but you are still going on a Halloween night out like me, why not just dress like normal, but with a little Halloween twist, that way you aren't wasting money on an outfit you won't even wear again until next year! It makes a lot more sense to just buy a mask, fake blood or some cat ears for a couple of pounds and an outfit you can wear for many night outs to come, doesn't it?
I always struggle when it comes to finding an outfit, so I tend to go all black and gothy, but if you want to go the whole hog, sites like Missguided and Topshop have outfits especially Halloween themed, for example this monster bandage bodycon dress from Topshop, it is fab! Or why not try this layered mesh prom skirt, even just the texture makes it perfect for dressing up, but you could wear it again and again! I particularly love this lace body con tunic and the velvet body, because the bottle green colour is so unusual and a great colour for autumn, whereas the eyelash lace adds that extra 'halloweeny' touch, just like this velvet body which could double up as a Christmas party outfit.... look out for textures and colours when it comes to dressing for Halloween, there is so many ways to incorporate the theme without having to dress up in a ridiculous costume.
I am a very big fan of Halloween accessories, these are even perfect for day to day wear in the Halloween season, for example the scrunchie and even spider socks are such cute accessories. Finally, if you are looking for masks and ears etc, I would personally recommend Claires Accessories, they have everything you need for dressing for Halloween on a budget, Topshop's range is a little more expensive but I absolutely love this bat mask! I splurged £14 on a Topshop mask last year however so I will not be spending a penny more!
Don't forget to over do the fake blood, I hope you have a fab Halloween and would love to know what you have planned, leave me a comment below! :) 
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  1. great Halloween outfit inspiration

  2. Absolutely love all of your picks! Especially the bodycon dress and the velvet bodysuit!!! xx

    Abi |

  3. Stunning post!! Those are some really great choices I am crazy with number 5

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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  5. So funny...I have the same philosophy when it comes to dressing up for Halloween! I call it laziness, but I like how you put it instead...sometimes you can feel silly when you are too dressed up. Love those cat ears...I would totally rock them. Take care! :)

  6. Love the tulle skirt! Eszter


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