Monday, 20 October 2014

OOTD: Autumnal Vibes

 I'm wearing: Moto black ripped Jamie jeans, £42, Topshop| Lace hem crop top, £28, Topshop| Red tartan banket scarf, £15, River Island| Black snake panel black block ankle boots, £38, River Island| Faux fur leather jacket, Topshop
Okay so this outfit was actually a couple of days ago but hey ho, I still wanted to share! I was so so excited on friday as I was going home for the first time since going back to uni this year (I live in Durham but go to uni in Leeds) and honestly I was just so so so excited to go back to see my kittens, no word of a lie, as cringey as it sounds the reason I was going home was for their 1st birthday... am I the only crazy cat lady who would do that, or are there more of you out there?! 

So, I think I can safely say that we are definitely into the autumn season now, I have been so so excited to grab my cosy jumpers, gloves and scarf  I think it is so fun transforming your wardrobe ready for the new season! The main reason I wanted to share this outfit with you is because 2 of the items I only just bought this week, firstly the lace hem jumper was in the Topshop sale this week... you can't really see the colour very well but it is baby pink and 3/4 sleeve, and seen as it can be warm at times during the autumn, it isn't really very thick, it is a light and fluffy but still cosy fabric which makes it perfect for this season! Secondly, I bought this tartan scarf from River Island, if any of you have been reading my recent posts you will know that I have already got a baby pink tartan scarf, but it is a lot thicker than this one. The main reason I bought this one is for the colour, I am not a fan of bold red tartan but this is more of a cranberry/ burgundy which is my ultimate fave, it is also very soft but is quite light which means it isn't too hot for the current weather. 

As for the ripped jeans, I will not stop wearing these until at least late November, there's nothing wrong with having your knees out at this time of year! Hahaha. These jeans are so so popular at the moment so I guess I will just wait until other people stop wearing them! The leather jacket accompanys almost every outfit I wear, I bought this one around 2 years ago from Topshop and I just find that it is such a great staple piece which should be in everybody's wardrobe, honestly it goes with anything! Similarly, my winter boots also make a great addition to most outfits!

What do you think of my outfit? What have you all been wearing this season? Leave me a comment below! :)
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  1. Very cute and completely A/W! Love your checked scarf, I so need to get my hands on one.

    Love Tweet xx

  2. such a cozy outfit. I have been live in cozy cardigans and t-shirts.

  3. Gorgeous,lovely and looks so comfy! Beautiful outfit Eleanor xx

  4. I've seen those Moto ripped jeans on literally every single person lately! Topshop always come out with the best jean style and material. Love the look x

  5. Loving the outfit! The scarf is so cute :)

    Hannah xx

  6. I love this outfit and no you are not the only person who would return home for a pets birthday, I know I probably would too hahaha x

  7. love your outfit,it's classical and fashion feeling,suit to u and I have a similar item to u
    shall we wear it together?

  8. So cute and so grunge at the same time! J'adore ����

  9. Absolutely love this outfit, I have a similar go to outfit! Ripped jeans are my favourite xx

    Abi |

  10. I love it !!! So cute ...

  11. Such a nice outfit! The tartan scarf is perfect :)

    Sam |

  12. Any outfit with tartan in it is perfect to me. I love the chic jacket, the cute top with the lace detail, those jeans are gorgeous and the ankle boots tie it in so well. You got a new follower :)



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