Monday, 26 January 2015

LUSH| Space Girl


Recently I have really been enjoying trying out new cosmetics and beauty products, I have especially been excited to try out LUSH bath bombs. Last week I shared with you my review of 'Twilight' which I have got to be honest, I did prefer over the 'space girl' bath bomb. I was very excited to try this bath bomb as it looks so pretty! In the shape of a space ship, it is one of the smaller bath bombs which LUSH sells, meaning it was less expensive than 'Twilight' at just £2.35. The bath bomb itself is a lilac colour with beautiful red glitter on top, so I was very excited to see what it was going to look like in the water!

There was no need to cut this one up into pieces, as because it is a little bit smaller, to get the full effect I think using the whole product at once was more appropriate. The bath bomb fizzed and crackled like popping candy when released into the water, and the bath filled with red and purple tones, however I must admit I was a little dissapointed as the water just stays purple, whereas the 'twilight' bath bomb stays multi coloured and shimmery.

I must say though, the scent is divine! I am unsure as to what the actual scent is, but it is very fruity and reminds me of Palma violets, love it! My skin smelt absolutely gorgeous afterwards and was left feeling silky and soft, love it!

Overall, I loved this product, it looks fab and smells lovely but I would say if you want your bath to be full of colours and sparkles you might want to give this one a miss! This was probably just down to the fact it was a smaller size than the 'Twilight' bath bomb, but if you're looking fir a gorgeous product to help you relax, definitely give this one a try! 

I absolutely can't wait to try out some more LUSH products, the Valentines collection is definitely at the top of my wish list right now! 

Have you tried the 'space girl' bath bomb before? Do you love LUSH products? Leave me a comment below! :)


  1. This looks amazing! I am seeing LUSH posts everywhere and it makes me upset to know LUSH doesn't sell here! :( Nonetheless, enjoy! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. LUSH was my jam back in the early 2000's (makes me sound so old). I picked up a few of the holiday bath bombs but I haven't use them yet. No time for a bath these days...I should make the time. :-)

    Beauty Isles | Asian Face Masks Two Winner Giveaway

  3. i love lush bath bombs! i've tried a whole bunch but i haven't tried space girl. i picked it up for my friend mars a while back and she loved it, though!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  4. I am absolutely obsessed with lush at the moment! Twilight is definitely one of my favourites so far! xx


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