Saturday, 31 January 2015

OSMO Hair Products

*For many years I have had the terrible habit of straightening my hair nearly every day, unfortunately I have such thick and frizzy unruly hair! So when I was offered hair products by OSMO, from their salon professional range I was very excited to try their products designed for taming the hair and leaving it silky soft and frizz free. 

From my experience so far, I have found all of the products work really well, apart from the straighten up 3 spray, as although it smells lovely, I don't think it does leave your hair straight for 3 days, unlike other hair products I have bought on the high street. However, if you are looking to improve the smoothness and silkiness of you hair and tame the frizz In this cold weather, I definitely reccomend you give these products a go! One thing I would say about these products is that they smell divine, they are such high quality and do exactly what they are supposed too. Also I would say that although with some hair products I find can be a bit slimy or claggy, leaving your hair feeling caked with product and greasy, these products are super light and easy to apply.

Make sure you check out the OSMO website at to find which products will be most suitable for your hair type, they have so many you're bound to find something perfect for you! Here is a list of the products I received:

Works by protecting the hair from heated hair stylers, limiting the damage done to your hair and prevents dryness and split ends which leads to frizz!

Perfect for taming straight or curly hair, this oil is really light on the hair, simply apply a few squirts to the  mid length and ends of the hair. Although it's a little pricey compared to high street alternatives this works so well and really does keep your hair frizz free throughout the day, no matter what weather.

Cheap and cheerful, the deep repair mask is designed to repair damaged hair, which mines definitely is unfortunately, although I can't see any immediate effect right now hopefully I will see a change in the next couple of weeks, simply apply after washing your hair and rinse!

This was my favourite of the products as it smells lovely and your hair feels super soft, use after washing combined with the hair serum, and then it is activated by heat from your dryer and styler. The only thing I would say is that it doesn't do what it says it will, my hair definitely didn't stay straight for 3 days.

If you would like to try these products you can find them at or Do you use similar products? Have you tried Osmo before? Leave me a comment below!


  1. I've never used Osmo or even heard of this brand before but I'm always looking for new hair care products so I might give them a go at some point! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. I'm a hairdresser and I used to use these products when I was training! They smell absolutely lovely! Now that I've seen them again, I may need to reunite! x

  3. Never heard of this brand before.


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