Sunday, 28 February 2016


Openwork linked love ring, £30
Delicate bow ring, £40

Pandora is without a doubt my most favourite jewellery store. I absolutely love how Pandora are constantly introducing new collections and unique products, yet still offering their most popular pieces. If i'm honest, my pandora collection is out of hand. I started out by collecting charms for my beloved pandora bracelet, I think these bracelets are truly beautiful with each charm holding some sort of sentimental value or memory.

I then moved on to rings, of which I now have 11... the two rings above are my most recent additions, the delicate bow ring being a 5 year anniversary present, and the openwork linked love ring being a Valentines day present. I'm wearing the love ring as a stacking ring,  I think it's great that Pandora have introduced these into their collection as stacking rings always look so lovely!

I find that Pandora has something for everyone, for every occasion. Whether you're splashing the cash on a gold ring, or an affordable charm its hard not to fall in love with their collections!

Yesterday I bought the same openwork love ring for my mam's mother's day gift- as soon as she saw mine she wanted it! So if you are struggling to find a gift for your mum I highly suggest you have a peek at their Mother's Day collection!.. here. :)

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  1. I love Pandora! I personally don't own too many of their jewellery items but I do love everything in the store. Everything's so dainty and pretty! Also, I've never thought of Pandora for mothers day or birthdays, great idea! x

  2. I adore the Pandora rings.I never leave the house without having mine on x

  3. Those rings are beautiful! I got my first piece of Pandora jewellery for Christmas - a necklace with my initials. I love it and I've found myself looking at more Pandora pieces hehe. I love the Openwork ring - it looks gorgeous for wearing everyday :) Fab post!


  4. Pandora is such a lovely brand, I'm in love with my Pandora bracelet and the rings, especially stacked rings are going to be my new thing. The Openwork linked love ring is gorgeous, I just made a strong hint to the boyf ahha:P

    Corrie |


  5. I really want that love heart ring, it's s beautiful :)


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