Monday, 22 February 2016


Models own Colour Chrome Pink- £4.99- Models Own
The amount of Models Own nail polish reviews I do is literally ridiculous! There are just so many variants of nail polishes to try, and with them being my favourite nail polish brand, I just wanted to share with you some of the amazing products they have on offer!
I got this nail polish at Christmas- one of the polishes from the colour chrome collection, which provides a liquid metal chrome effect. I really didn't know which shade to go for, so I also bought this polish in shade 'copper' which carries more rose gold hues, along with the pink polish which is featured in this post. You can discover more about the chrome collection and the shades they have on offer online.
At first I was so confused... when I opened the bottle the colour was simply silver with drops of pink in it, so make sure you shake the bottle well before use. When I started applying the polish I again found that the polish wasn't leaving much colour- however the colour actually develops into its pinky tones so bear that in mind!
I absolutely love the metallic effect this polish gives,  it also makes your nails feel super smooth and remains chip resistant for over a week. When applying you may wish to add 2-3 coats rather than 1 to intensify  the colour and effect, although this is absolutely down to personal preference- I went for 2.
...once again, highly recommended!
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  1. Au such a pretty colour!!! xx

    Anna-Maria |

    1. Thank you Anna, I think the colour is beautiful! xx

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous! And the copper shade with rose gold hues sounds so beautiful too! xx


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