Monday, 1 February 2016


Okay so I am definitely one of those girls who just loves glitter, in fact my wardrobe is basically monochrome mixed with a dash of when I realised glitter lips were an actual thing I was so excited to try it!
Belissimo lips is a brand I was first introduced to through Topshop in Leeds, I had been shopping and came across a concession stand with a 2 for £13 offer... however I decided to give just one a try in shade Holographic fuchsia- a combination of pink and purple tones. I am dying to also try Purple and Tea Rose.
This product is not only gentle on your lips, but it is also designed to stay on for up to 12 hours. You are free to eat and drink, as long as you avoid hot drinks & greasy food.... I definitely put this one to the test on New Years Eve, so I would definitely advise against Pizza. Although it is super easy to remove the glitter at the end of the night, it is a bit gross... think PVA glue on your hands at primary school style.
Application is super easy, simply apply the water based adhesive & then using a cotton wool bud, apply the sparkle! At £13 each this is a little pricey (including P&P), however the set lasts for so long, and works so well, although I would only have bought it at the promotional price in Topshop for £7. You can view the rest of the range online.
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    1. Thank you Candice, I am such a girly girl so I love it! x

  2. Such a fun product - I love the look! I would've expected this to feel so uncomfortable and irritating on the lips and to disappear after an hour or so, so I'm really impressed that's not the case!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    1. Yes I totally agree, it is so easy to apply and stays on great!

      Not at all- it is very comfortable you hardly know its even there, however DONT rub your lips together or it can start to peel.

      Definitely worth a try! x

  3. It is very dangerous that you introduced me to this!! I'm not a girly girl, but glitter is my weakness! I used to pile of the glitter for every school disco when I was kid and thought I looked the absolute bomb! I am so buying this!

    1. It is definitely my weakness too!

      Hahaha this made me giggle :)- I was exactly the same, roll on glitter was my life! xx


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