Monday, 28 April 2014

Bikini lust list

It always gets to around this time of year, its heading towards Summer and the weather is starting to get warmer and sunnier, and I start to think about possible additions to my Summer wardrobe! Today in particular I have started to look at bikinis, in the past I will admit that I have been known to actually buy a bikini even though I wasn't going to be going on holiday, or anywhere even near water for that matter, however this year I may actually go on holiday, fingers crossed! So, I noticed today that the sheer amount of bikinis to choose from out there is massive, there is certainly a bikini for every one out there, unfortunately you may be spending a while searching for the perfect one. I myself have come to realise that the type of bikini I tend to go for have tie string bottoms, padded top and are practically anything girly... if you have read my recent buys post you will see I have already purchased the blue bell frill bikini from Topshop (below), and have continued to compile a list of my other faves! There are a few current trends in bikini collections at the moment aside from the traditional one block colour halter-neck bikini, including; frill tops, high waist, bold prints, pastels, gingham and tropical prints are all over at the moment, however I think that the number one rule of buying a bikini should be whether you feel comfortable wearing it, it's bad enough basically walking around in your bra and nickers without feeling self conscious that your bikini bottoms are too tight on your hips or your boob keeps popping out of a bikini top that is too small, right? What do you think of my lust list? What type of bikini do you love the most? Leave me a comment below! :) 
1. Seekers halter top bikini set with frill detail- £22- ASOS
2. Botanic bamboo print bikini- £36- Topshop
3. Pink floral high waist bikini- £34- Topshop
4. Bluebell frill crop bikini top- £14- Topshop
5. Mint scallop bikini- £30- Topshop
6. Light pink scallop frill bandeau bikini top- £15- River Island
7. Light pink scallop frill bikini bottoms- £10- River Island
8. Bluebell tieside bikini pants- £8- Topshop
9. Raspberry gingham frill bikini- £30- Topshop


  1. I have a habit of sticking to black bikinis - a colour that works with anything, but also can be so dull! I'm adoring the gingham bikini though! You're making me want to shop for bikinis for the summer now!

    Kate @ Beautiboe

    1. Hehe treat yourself Kate! :) yeah I know what you mean though, black is a very flattering colour for bikinis, and looks gorge with a tan, but I am so into colourful and pattered bikinis at the moment :)

  2. Hi! Perfect Bikinis :)
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    kisses from Spain!

    1. Hey Susana! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for the follow, :)

  3. I love number 5 but I would feel uncomfortable swimming in it as its strapless! Gorgeous for just laying round the pool though,
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog x

    1. Oh gosh I know, the worst thing ever if you have a bikini malfunction, very pretty though and will certainly reduce tan lines :P x

  4. Oh summer! Love em all :)
    Thank you for visiting my page. Following you now, follow back? :)

    Kisses ♥

    1. Following back on blog lovin lovely :) xx

  5. Oh man, thats some pretty bikinis!

  6. hello dear!!
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    I love your blog and your great style!!
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