Tuesday, 24 January 2017


LA LA LAND, so what's all the hype about? I'll tell you, its AMAZING.

I'll be honest with you, I absolutely hate musicals. I fully appreciate that they are absolutely excellent for anyone who is a fan, but I definitely don't fall into that camp. So, I was staying with a friend this weekend and we decided to head to the Gunwharf Quays designer in Portsmouth, and as per usual, we ended up at the cinema.

Yep, we are those people who will go to the cinema, not really to see anything in particular, but just to see a new film. So, it was either La La Land or 'Sing'. I'm not going to lie, the prospect of a singing and dancing pig almost had me, but of course I had heard people raving about how amazing La La Land was, and with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling you can't go wrong.

Right, so here's the thing. We bought our tickets, and then of course we remembered it was a musical... first impressions, they weren't great. The opening scene features a huge traffic jam and everyone jumping and singing around the cars, at this point I looked at my friend and apologised. The next scenes were also not promising, Emma Stone flouncing around her bedroom singing with her friends, it was just not for me.

To my delight, the film thereafter fell more into the rom com/ chick flick genre, which not only told the beautiful story of a couple trying to achieve their dreams, but it had some hilarious comedy moments and the use of music to tell the story was enchanting.

Overall verdict? GO SEE IT NOW.
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