Monday, 9 January 2017


Return to Tiffany heart tag ring in sterling silver ring, £345, Tiffany & Co

Lets be honest, what would a trip to New York be without a visit to Tiffany & Co? Of course I had to go. The New York flagship store is just incredible, nestled in the heart of fifth avenue (as if you didn't know), not only is the art deco design building incredibly beautiful, inside there is floor after floor of beautifully designed jewellery.

My friends who had also visited the store told of the engagement ring section, "stick to the peasant floors"... I couldn't help myself, of course I went for a sneak peak. Having dreamt of a heart shaped Tiffany diamond for at least the past 10 years- future husband take note- I couldn't resist seeing it... you know, just to be sure...

No word of a lie, they are so sparkly you cannot even see the shape of the rings, and I would definitely not have found it if there hadn't have been an "other shapes" sign! I knew I had already taken it too far just by asking for the engagement ring floor in the elevator, and when asked if I would like to try anything on I knew it was time to leave!

Back to reality. I did however purchase some beautiful silver return to tiffany earrings, and this stunning rose gold heart tag ring. I mean which girl can resist rose gold...

Just wondering... does anybody know where I can purchase Tiffany silver cleaner in the UK?...

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  1. So beautiful, I stumbled into the engagement ring section when I went to the Paris store, and I've never been one to dream about rings but OMG they were incredible. I'd quite like to get hold of some silver cleaner for my Tiffany bits and bobs too!

    <a href="”>Made In The 1990s</a>

    1. Thank you! I love it!! Oh I wow, I haven't been to the Paris store, but you're totally right, the rings are amazing!! I'm trying to find some but I think you might only be able to get it from the US.

  2. This is beautiful!! I'd love to go to New York 🌟


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