Friday, 13 January 2017


Is this post allowed? I'm not sure. I'm either going to annoy you for still banging on about Christmas, or sadden you that it's over and we are now almost slap bang in the middle of dull January. Anyway, i'm catching up a bit on posts, having been busy preparing for my university deadlines (which have now all been submitted, yeyyyyyyyy!).
I feel like 100% of the female populations Christmas day outfits fall into two camps, you're either a onesie/ pyjama girl, or a dress up as much as you can kinda girl. I'm the latter. Although it's pretty pointless unless you're actually leaving the house to visit family or eat out, I think its always lovely to feel pretty on Christmas day. For me, its the one day of the year I can wear as much glitter as I want and nobody can say anything.
This year I opted for one of the beautiful Topshop taupe mini tulle skirts, teamed with pink glittery top from Topshop (a couple of years ago). One thing I would say about the fit of the skirt is that size wise, it is super stretchy due to its elasticated waistband. I ordered an 8 but really I would say anybody up to a 10 could fit into a size 6.
Comment your links to your Christmas outfit posts!
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